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Rihanna Flaunts Baby Bump In Pharrell’s First Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign

Rihanna and her baby bump takes center stage in Pharrell Williams' first Louis Vuitton ad campaign since becoming creative director

Rihanna / Savage X Fenty

Rihanna has been scarce in recent weeks, but she and her second baby bump made their debut for Louis Vuitton, styled by Pharrell Williams for the fashion house’s upcoming Spring 2024 men’s collection.

It’s suspected that the pop princess turned billionaire mogul might have given birth to her second child, but there is no confirmation as her social media account is dry, and she isn’t seen out and about with A$AP Rocky.

Although an odd choice, Williams chose Rihanna for his Louis Vuitton campaign as creative director for the upcoming Spring Campaign for 2024.

Pharell revealed the images for the campaign on Thursday as he posted a large billboard advertisement showing Rihanna and her bump. The singer, decked out in a leather shirt and pants, captioned the billboard – “LOUIS VUITTON MEN Spring-Summer 2024.”

Rihanna is seen wearing an oversized plaid-designed leather coat that unbuttons to show off her growing baby bump and matches it with black pants, layers of jewelry, and an ear cuff on her left ear. Her hair is let down, and she stares into the distance while juggling several colored monogram LV duffle bags.

The billboard advertisement is posted outside of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and comes just says since Men’s Fashion Week began in Paris.

This year’s event will see Pharell as LV’s creative director for the first time since his appointment in February, following the position being vacant due to the death of former director Virgil Abloh.

Pharrell previously worked with LV in 2004 and 2008. Fans of both Rihanna and Pharrell praised the campaign for the thought-provoking idea of a pregnant woman modeling for a men’s line.

“Having a pregnant woman model a men’s line is the next level we needed,” one fan wrote.

“I love it!!! In the British VOGUE she just did with A$AP, she said she loves shopping in the men’s section!” another said.

Some were not in favor of the move, however.

“I know 3 male models alone who would beg for this opportunity and they’re people of Colour. I guess u put a billionaire on a cover and it will get more clout,” another said.