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Cardi B and Scar Lip Link Up In The Studio Teases Collaboration

Cardi B and Scar Lip link up in the studio for the first time

Scar Lip Cardi B
Scar Lip, Cardi B

It’s the year of collaboration for Cardi B as she hints that she might be jumping onto Scar Lip’s latest track, “This is New York.”

Cardi B seems to be a genuine fan of Scar Lip, whose song she first posted during the Met Gal as she got dressed. The video of her rapping to the song while getting ready went viral, with Scar Lip also soaking up the recognition.

While the song is good, sometimes having a co-sign from an established rapper like Cardi B might be the thing to boost an artist like Scar Lip’s career. On Thursday, on her Instagram Stories, Cardi B gave a huge hint that left fans thinking a new collab is coming.

“Hey guys, I’m with Scar Lip right now and we go to the same studio all the time; so I was like, yo, she should come upstairs so we could have a little chat because she’s a dope ass person and her story is so interesting and everything about her is so interesting so say hi to her,” she said.

Cardi B and Scar Lip were in the studio as she spoke and moved the camera to show the rapper barely steeling herself while remaining composed.

“She’s so shy but I really want to let you know that however you think your friends are, I’m probably the same way but more hyper,” Cardi joked. “I think you guys should let her know what you guys would like to see from her because I really want her to make it and she’s such a dope a$$ person,” she added.

Cardi B also directed some much-needed spotlight on Scar as she told fans to keep an eye out for Scar Lip and urged that XXL Freshman should also add her to the roster for this year.

Cardi B is no stranger to collaborating with younger artists, having worked with Megan Thee Stallion, GloRilla, Latto, and Lola Brooke, to name a few.