Veteran Female Dancehall Artist Facing Firearm Charges

Dancehall fans speculate on identity of female artist arrested for suspected illegal possession of firearm

Jamaica Constabulary Force

The dancehall community is rife with speculations following reports that a female veteran was arrested on Thursday morning for illegal possession of firearm in Portmore.

A news article shared by the Jamaica Gleaner did not name the artiste but said that charges are pending. Brief details shared by the newspaper are that the artiste was arrested at her home after police responded to a report that she was in breach of the Firearms Act. An unlicensed gun was reportedly found at her Portmore house.

While the artiste has not been charged, she has been in custody since May 21, the report claims. As news spread about the report, Lady G reportedly distanced herself after fans speculated that she could be the veteran artist who police arrested.

On Twitter, some fans also speculated that the artiste could either be Lady Saw or Sophia George, who is known for the hit song “Girlie Girlie.”

“Dem ketch lady saw widda machine tpc,” one person wrote.

Lady Saw has been noticeably absent from social media over the last four days despite being active on Instagram and YouTube, where she often conducts live preaching sessions.

“I didn’t Saw that message,” another person said.

Another suggested it might be Sophia George.

“Yup, she gotta pack heat ever since she sing the song, ‘young man, you too girlie, girlie!”

Another fan said, “Portmore? Veteran dancehall female artist? Could it be……could it really be? No Sah! Perish the thought! She nuh deal wid them kinda tingz no more! Or would she? We wait to hear the when the trumpet sound on this one!!”

The new Firearms Act, which came into effect earlier this year, removes decades of shortened sentences and now imposes a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years to life imprisonment if convicted.

Other dancehall artists who narrowly escaped the new mandatory minimum sentence include Tommy Lee, who spent just under three years after pleading guilty to illegal possession of firearm and ammunition charged in 2020.

To be clear, the Jamaica Constabulary Force has not yet released the name of the female entertainer who was arrested.