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Polo G Branded “Stupid” For Bragging About Having No Security

Polo G says he is not lacking by walking in the streets without security

Polo G
Polo G / IG

Polo G was hit with the label of being a “stupid rapper” after he bragged about being the only rapper to be moving around with no security.

Certainly, we recently saw 6ix9ine claiming he was doing just that, and we saw what happened to him at a gym in Florida. Some fans now think that Polo G is asking for trouble by being out in the public space without security, let alone bragging about it. The Chicago rapper also shared a clip of himself as he tells fans he is not “lacking,” meaning his guard is not down.

“All on the strip by my lonesome today,” Polo said. “I ain’t lacking, though. The pistol on my hip, I ain’t lacking, though. On my kids, n***as know just how I’m coming. I’m the only rapper you know who pop out dolo with no security.”

Fans were not amused by the video and immediately criticized his actions as reckless in light of several rappers who lost their lives to gun violence in recent years. Nipsey Hussle, Takeoff, XXXTentacion, Young Dolph, PnB Rock, Pop Smoke, and FBG Duck, to name a few of the rappers who lost their lives over the past few years to gun violence and were out in public without security around them.

“And the award for the most stupid rapper goes to Polo G,” one fan wrote while another added, “Welp, we know who the next rapper to go now smh. Yall gotta stop promoting the dumb ish, when he dead you wanna post RIP but the dumb mindset you pushing is what got him in the grave since he falling victim of believing it.”

“WHY make the announcement “I ain’t lacking”? How about you let ’em think you’re lacking and catch them lacking! Because technically now you’re lacking by letting them know you got somn on the hip,” one fan said.

“Might as well get security if he gon keep lookin over his shoulder ever 2 seconds,” another fan wrote.

Outside of roaming the streets without security, Polo G got a new song out, “No Time Wasted,” with Atlanta rapper Future. The song has been getting positive feedback from fans since its release earlier this year, with the pair dropping a music video. Fans are now awaiting the follow-up album to his 2021’s Hall of Fame 2.0. The rapper earned his first No. 1 album in 2019 with his debut project Hall Of Fame.