Shenseea, Spice, Ishawna Embraces Motherhood, Dancehall Mother’s Day Tributes

Shenseea Spice kids
Shenseea and Spice with their children

Mother’s Day has come, and many moms in the dancehall community showed out for their mothers and reveled in the celebrations with their own children.

Mother’s Day is almost an international holiday as women are celebrated for being the primary caregivers and raising children, sometimes as single parents, where they carry the physical and financial burdens of raising children. Many women, whether single parents or not, manage their respective careers while balancing being there for their kids.

Among those who celebrated Mother’s Day were Spice, Shenseea, Tami Chin, Pamputtae, D’Angel, and others who praised their mothers while acknowledging their roles as moms.

“Being a mom has been my greatest blessing. Thank you for making me a proud one, I love you unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms,” Shenseea wrote on Instagram. She also shared a few photos of her and her seven (7) year old son, Rajeiro Lee, who she is raising as a single mother. Shenseea shared a sweet photo of the baby boy when he was an infant and a more current photo of him. The Jamaican artist, who gave birth when she was 17 years old, previously shared that she was a single mother as her son’s biological father refused to acknowledge Raj as his child.

Queen of Dancehall, Spice, also shared a sweet video of her enjoying the day with her son, Nicho, and daughter, Nicholatoy. “MothersDay Love @ai.nicho @toytoyandnicho I Love you sooooooo much Mama Gella Thank you for Molding me into the Woman that I am, I LOVE YOU, MOM.”

Her son also heaped praise on her, saying, “Greatest mother inna the world mi say that.”

Spice also shared several throwback photos of her children at various stages of growing up in Jamaica before they migrated to live with her abroad.

“I have so many great memories with my kids I feel to keep posting all day Like OMG I really did it , Look what I made. I’m really raising a king and a Queen. God is truly amazing . To all the mothers out there , I know the journey is not easy but keep going Super Hero’s We Got this Happy Mother’s Day again Besties. You are all phenomenal @ai.nicho @toytoyandnicho , thanks for loving me back Mommy Loves you infinity,” Spice wrote.

Dancehall artiste, Ce’Cile also shared that motherhood had its highs and lows, but she was proud to be a mother to her daughter Nana with whom she shares with fellow artist Chris Martin.

“Happy Warrior Day to me and all the Mothers out there We fight, we overcome, we support, we struggle, we win, we cry with our children because that’s what mothers do. The best gift I’ve ever been given is to have someone to genuinely love unconditionally. Here’s to almost 11 years of never leaving THE KINGDOM of motherhood no time. And I will always be THERE. MOM OF @rockbynana,” she wrote.

Ishawna also celebrated the day with brunch with her son, with whom she shares with selector Footahype.

“Happy Mother’s Day #MothersDayDump #Blessed #Grateful #GoodEgg,” she captioned a series of photos of her at brunch. She also shared a message from her son.

“You are my biggest supporter. I am so grateful for the love and guidance you’ve given me throughout my life. You are an amazing mother, I love you sincerely, You Egg,” a sweet note from her son read.

D’Angel also made a sweet post celebrating her mother, who she shared supported her during the painful times in life.

“Mom, there is so much to thank you for. Let me start here. Thank you for giving me life and light when I felt like the world was closing in your words hugs and encouragement always fill me up. No matter what the circumstances you always tell me to push on. Growing up in Spanish Town you provided everything I could ever ask and need from a mother and for that I will forever be grateful you taught me be satisfied with the little you could provide you always taught me good values such as to always be humble, patient, respectful and kind. For this Mom, i will forever and always be grateful. Cheers to a great mother who reminds me so much of myself. I love you beautiful there is no other like you,” the artist shared, along with a series of photos of her mother dancing and enjoying some quality time together.

The males also ensured that their mothers were celebrated as both Popcaan and Beenie Man shared the impact of their mothers on their respective lives.

The artist shared that his mother, Lilieth Sewell, was very supportive of his choice to become a deejay despite his stringent Christian upbringing. According to the artist, he had bought a house for his mother to move her out of the inner city, Waterhouse, where crime and violence were rampant.

“When I bought a house and told her that we are moving out of Waterhouse. The reaction on her face was unforgettable,” the artist said.

He also shared that he thought she would curse him after disclosing his pursuit of a dancehall career since she was Christian, but his mother advised him to be the best artiste he could be.

“My mom was my best friend. We spoke about everything that happened. Sometimes me feel like me want a laugh, me call me madda. That’s how close we were,” Beenie Man said about his mother, who died in 2020.

Popcaan also shared how he was spending the day as he was smelling and picking out weed that his Christian mother was not too fond of. “Happy Mother’s Day, Pastor,” Popcaan captioned the video.

Bounty Killer also shared that he spent the day at his mother’s graveside visiting and leaving a bunch of flowers by her headstone.

“Happiest Mother’s Day greetings to my mom and all the real good genuine mothers out there today endless love goes out and ppl do remember ur mother not only today bcuz every is a Mother’s Day we just happen be celebrating it on this day 11yrs ago seem like just 11 days imagine that,” the artist who lost his mother in 2012 shared.

“Bonded enterally son let ur conscience be ur guide I used to wonder what really it meant today it’s one of my favorite quotes from you Mama thanks for all the love compassion guidance and care without all that I couldn’t be the man I’m today gwaan sore and tour heaven until we meet again,” Bounty wrote while sharing pendant with the image of himself and his mother.