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Ice Spice’s Mom Photos Caused A Ruckus On Twitter

Ice Spice fans can't handle seeing her mom for the first time

Ice Spice
Ice Spice / IG

Ice Spice wasn’t joking when she said that her mom is a baddie. Her fans certainly got more than they bargained for when new photos of the New York native’s mother surfaced online.

Ice Spice’s meteoric rise to stardom certainly has everything to do with her music as much as her looks. While we can all admit her music is fun and catchy, fans also enjoy looking at her, and a lot of celebrities in the game have shoot their shots at her since she made her summer 2022 debut with “Munch (Feelin You)”. Now we know that she definitely got her looks from her mother.

A pair of photos of Ice Spice and her mom hit the net the week and caused quite a stir on Twitter, with fans complimenting her on how good she looks. One of the photos, which was taken in 2021, shows Ice Spice and her mother wearing matching blonde hair and both wearing curve-hugging dresses. Ice wore a short red dress, while her mom wore an orange dress showing her ample assets.

In other photos circulating, the rapper’s mom donned a Navy blue bikini on the beach, while another pic shows her wearing waist-high light wash blue jeans and blonde hair.

In a recent interview, the Bronx rapper recently stated that her mom is a baddie, and that’s where she gets her looks from. Despite her statement, folks on social media were still shocked to see what she actually looked like.

“Ice Spice wasn’t lying when she said her mom is a baddie, aunty look fine I’ll take her over Ice Spice any day,” one Twitter user wrote. “Took me a moment to come to grips that Ice Spice mom is this fine now we def know where she get her looks but mommy might even be giving her a run for her money.”

In the meantime, Ice Spice covers the new issue of Billboard magazine, where she opened up about her career and personal life. She revealed that she owns all of her masters and maintains full creative control over her music despite signing a label deal.

See what some fans on Twitter are saying below.