Rihanna Embraces Her Baby Bump To Celebrates 5 Years Of Savage X Fenty

Rihanna celebrates her Savage X Fenty brand turning 5 this month


Rihanna has bared her pregnant belly as she celebrates the fifth (5) anniversary of her Savage X Fenty brand turning 5.

On Thursday, the mother of one shared some skin as she sported the anniversary lingerie line for her fans. The brand this week announced that it was celebrating some of Rihanna’s biggest looks over the past five years and offered its customers the option of purchasing one of the bundles specially curated by the artist.

One of the bundles was worn by Rihanna on Thursday, and fans also received a bonus look at her growing baby bump. The artist posed in the Flocked Logo Bundle and a black bone-straight bob wig, along with some cute four-inch heels, and as she smiled and cradled her belly.

In one photo, she puts her hand behind her head, and the other hand is on her waist while a printer appears to be going out of control and spewing paper everywhere. “It’s giving…call HR!” the singer captioned the carousel of photos.

In other photos, the artist is seen swinging her hair, with the photo catching the scattered hair mid-movement. Rihanna first launched Savage X Fenty as a collaboration with luxury empire LVMH back on May 11, 2018.

The artist was the first black woman to collaborate with the luxury brand, and her brand, unusually, has never been a brick-and-mortar store as it was launched via a website and announced via her Instagram account with a small pop-up for fans to see up close in Brooklyn, New York.

That has not stopped Rihanna, as the debut collection was quickly snatched by adoring fans, and the brand continually expanded with more stock.

Although the lingerie is more on the premium side of pricing, the artist’s brand was a huge hit as it debuted on the premise of inclusivity of all types of bodies and shapes and sizes, the first of its kind.

The brand, which added to her Fenty Beauty line, catapulted Rihanna to billionaire status within a year. According to Forbes, Rihanna owns a 30 percent stake in Savage X Fenty. Reports last year also said the company was valued at $3 billion for an IPO offering. The IPO has not been launched, however.