Shaggy Reflect On Being A US Marine After Stellar Performance At Fort Sill

Shaggy: "I myself being a Marine (USMC) know the feeling when, we get to experience some good entertainment"


Shaggy reflects on being a Marine himself before becoming a household name as a reggae/dancehall musician, as he performs for the men and women in uniform stationed at the Fort Sill Army base in Oklahoma.

The dancehall legend revealed that he was once housed at the Fort Still post during his time as an active member of the US Marine Corps, which makes it all the more special to return and perform for his fellow Marines. Shaggy joined the Marine Corps in 1988, where he rose to the rank of lance corporal while serving as a Field Artillery Cannon Crewman. It was during his time with the Marines during the Persian Gulf War that he perfected his signature toast he would become famous for as an artist.

Taking to his Instagram to share a video of himself with some active duty men and women at Fort Sill, Shaggy thanks them for their service, saying that they remain as motivated as ever.

“It’s always a wonderful feeling when the opportunity presents itself to play for your service men and women of the armed forces,” Shaggy wrote. “I myself being a Marine (USMC) know the feeling when, we get to experience some good entertainment. Tonite we play on the base at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, I was stationed here for a few months training for my job as an artillery man, it’s good to be back behind there’s gates and between these old walls. I had a chance to chat with the troops and i must say they are still as motivated as ever!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! And i look forward to a great show tonite. Semper fi’.”

Shaggy later shared some clips from his performance in front a massive crowd of active servicemen and civilians. Fans later slide in his comments to thank him for his performance.

“You were amazing! Thank you for coming here to Fort Sill and it was an honor meeting you! Even though my boy told you he was the “real” shaggy. Lol,” one fan wrote. Another fan said, “Best time of our lives!!! Thank You Shaggy for a awesome time.”

Earlier this week, Shaggy revealed that he is working on new music with Spice and Akon as he shared clips of them in the studio laying down vocals. The dancehall legend is currently touring the United States while pushing his new album, Come Fly Wid Me, released last year.