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Young Thug Co-Defendant Granted Bail A Day After Attorney’s Arrest

Miles Farley, aka Lil Miles, became the first YSL defendant to be given bail

Just a day after his attorney was arrested for allegedly having prescription pills outside of their original containers, Miles Farley, aka Lil Miles became the first YSL defendant to be granted a bond.

Farley was split from the indictment on Friday after a major drama went down at the Fulton County Court House involving his attorney, who has pleaded his innocence.

According to reporters, Farley was granted bond in the sum of $650,000 after the indictment was split. Judge Ural Glanville noted that the defendant’s circumstances changed after his lawyer was arrested, and he allowed bonds with stringent conditions.

Farley will have to wear an ankle and wrist monitor. He can’t use social media and will be subjected to a 10 pm curfew like the other defendants who took plea deals. A new date for his trial has not been set, and it’s unclear if Manettas will continue to represent him.

No date has been set for Farley’s trial. Farley’s trial was severed from the wider YSL case, meaning Farley will have his charges as a sole defendant.

Farley will now attend the trial, although he is no longer in police custody. The young man is facing charges for the murder of a victim named Shymel Drinks, as well as racketeering and conspiracy, to commit racketeer in relation to the alleged YSL gang.

Farley is well-known as the “Make America Slime Again” brand creator. Prosecutors claim he plays a vital role in the feud between YSL and YFN, which is responsible for hundreds of retaliatory crimes between the two groups spanning 2012- 2022 in Fulton County.

There are reports that Farley was offered a plea deal, but he refused to cooperate with the state, which would have required him to admit under oath that YSL was a street gang- an important legal element for the state to establish YSL was a criminal entity per racketeering laws. Farley would have had to testify against his co-defendants if he had taken the plea deal and would have likely had the option to plead the fifth against self-incrimination.

Months ago, Farley made news headlines after a recording of his baby’s mother pleading with him to talk about his dealing with YSL was played in court. The recording was used to sway the defendants, but Farley was unmoved.

In the meantime, Farley’s lawyer, Anastassios Manettas, was arrested on possession of prescription drugs not in their original container, obstruction, and assault of a Sheriff’s captain.