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Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Beat $5 Million Lawsuit Over ‘Hussle & Motivate’

Nipsey Hussle and his estate successfully avoid a $5 million lawsuit filed by singer-songwriter Tasleema Yasin over "Hussle & Motivate"

Nipsey Hussle

A Los Angeles court has dismissed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit brought against Nipsey Hussle‘s estate.

According to news reports on Monday, Hussle was sued by Los Angeles singer-songwriter Tasleema Yasin who wanted $5 million in damages for being a co-writer on the late rapper’s successful track, “Hussle & Motivate.”

Yasin had filed the claim in December 2022, almost three years since the rapper was killed. However, according to legal documents obtained by Urban Islandz, she failed to pursue the matter, and that led to it being thrown out. The publication reported that Yasin, who was legally unrepresented, failed to respond to the Hussle estate’s motion for an Order to Show Cause.

The Order to Show Cause was granted to the Hussle estate for Yasin to show she had legal standing or a legitimate claim before the courts. Yasin would have had to prove that the court should or should not grant a motion, especially if it might be prejudicial to her interest.

According to the report, presiding Judge Stephen V. Wilson ruled that Yasin, who chose to represent herself, did not offer any evidence to have the court not dismiss the matter.

“The file in this case lacks the papers that would show it is being timely prosecuted, as reflected below,” his ruling dating March 28 said. “Accordingly, the Court, on its own motion, hereby orders plaintiff(s) to show cause in writing no later than April 4, 2023, why this action should not be dismissed as to all remaining defendants, for lack of prosecution.”

The claim was dismissed on April 11. However, it’s unclear if Yasin can refile it at a later date. The Hussle estate probate was recently completed, with Hussle’s two children set to benefit from the estate. The children jointly own their father’s music and publishing, and they also own his Marathon Clothing store that he started just before his death.

Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Airmiess Joseph Asghedom, was shot and killed on March 31, 2019, while standing with a group of friends outside his The Marathon Clothing store in Crenshaw, California. The hip hop community is still mourning his death four years later. His killer, Eric Holder Jr., was sentenced to life in prison following his conviction.

Nipsey Hussle’s last body of work before his death was Victory Lap, released in 2018. In the months before his death, Hussle spoke about a joint album with Meek Mill, which the Philadelphia rapper later confirmed he is still trying to release. His estate has yet to indicate the next move on his unreleased work.