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6ix9ine Debuts “WAPAE” Video Filmed In Africa & DR On His iPhone

Tekashi 6ix9ine debut his new song "Wapae" featuring Angel Dior, Lenier, And Bullin 47, weeks after gym attack


6ix9ine recently traveled to Africa and the Dominican Republic to shoot his new music video, “WAPAE,” which he says was mostly filmed using his iPhone. The Brooklyn rapper has been in the news a lot lately, but not for his music. Last month he suffered a brutal attack at an LA Fitness gym facility in Florida that sent him to the hospital. The three suspects were arrested by law enforcement and hit with assault charges.

As expected with Tekashi 6ix9ine, he managed to turn it around in his favor by using the free press he received in the aftermath of the incident. “WAPAE” is the second song he released since the attack, after releasing “Bori” with Lenier. The music video for “Bori” was shot in Cuba when the rapper traveled to that country in the days after the gym assault.

“WAPAE” is 6ix9ine’s latest single featuring Angel Dior, Lenier, and Bulin 47. “Wapae out now ft @lenieroficial @bulin47_oficial @angeldiorreal @mauroelcodigosecreto this video I also filmed 70% of it on my phone thank you uganda thank you dominican republic for hosting this video I had so much fun,” 69 announces on Saturday, April 15. Interestingly, the rainbow-haired rapper chose to release the song on a Saturday as opposed to Friday, the day new music typically dropped.

6ix9ine and his team filmed the final portion of the music video yesterday in the Dominican Republic, where they drew a huge crowd.

“Stood up all night editing this video,” he wrote. “It will be up in 1 hour. I want to just say thank you to the beautiful souls in uganda who allowed me to come and film beyond grateful. And also thank you to @lenieroficial for motivating me to make music again.”

Earlier this week, 69 shared that he was in Uganda filming scenes for the video with his iPhone, which turned out good, by the way. He didn’t say where exactly in Uganda he was or where else in Africa he visited. Perhaps he was still concerned for his safety following his surprise gym attack.