Minister Marion Hall Booked For Reggae Sumfest 2023, Dancehall Fans React

Minister Marion Hall receives mixed reaction from dancehall fans after Reggae Sumfest confirmed she was booked for this year's event

Marion Hall
Minister Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall has announced that she is performing at Reggae Sumfest this summer, something that has perplexed fans as to whether she is returning to perform her raunchy hit catalog or as a gospel artist. Hall posted a photo shared by Downsound Record announcing that she was booked for the upcoming festival.

“Live Performance by Minister Marion Hall”, the promo poster read. Hall also captioned the image, “Let’s see what God is up to.”

The poster featured a sultry-looking Hall in a sexy black outfit with her stomach area visible through a see-through mesh garment, something her fans pointed out is not Christian-like nor “Minister” like. “Im confused,” a fan said in the comments section. “Sigh, I am so disappointed but only God will judge,” another fan wrote. “Wow, the outfit and the sultry look tho,” another said, laughing.

Reggae Sumfest

Some fans shared that they hoped that Hall, who is formerly known as Queen of the Dancehall, Lady Saw, would perform some of her hit classics. “In this outfit I see a performance of No long talking,” one fan shared.

“I pray the lord lets her perform some classics,” another said.

Marion Hall converted to Christianity sometime in 2015, a shocking move to many of her fans but something the artist says she had to do because her life had been a “long battle of sin.” After her conversion, she canceled all of her shows, and she reimbursed promoters over the years she has never performed under the moniker Lady Saw.

In the years since she has teased that she may be going towards a gospel career, but most of her music released since is dancehall flavored.

The former Dancehall Queen also caught flack over the years for her behavior towards fellow artist Spice who claimed she had visited a dark arts worker to do “Obeah” on her so she could leave dancehall, paving the way to become the queen.

Spice denied the allegations, but it appears that Hall had problems with many upcoming artists, including Shenseea, Jada Kingdom, and others she said were going to hell unless they turned to God. Many fans of the three artists felt that Hall was “badmind” because the younger women were making more money and had more recognition than she did at the same level that they were in. Hall has denied the accusations as nothing more than nonsense and emphasized that she wanted to see the women follow God.

Reggae Sumfest promoters have not addressed Marion Hall’s performance, and it’s unclear whether she is performing on dancehall or reggae night. One of Sumfest organizers, Skatta Burrell, previously stated that he was trying to book the Hall for the show.