Rihanna Fans Fuming Over Jennifer Lopez Cover Of ‘Diamonds’ In Resurface Clip

Rihanna fans is not appreciating Jennifer Lopez performing a cover of her classic hit "Diamond" in a resurfaced video

Rihanna / PR

Rihanna fans are giving Jennifer Lopez a hard time on Twitter over a resurfaced video of the singer performing one of RiRi’s classics.

Rihanna Navy (code name for her fan base) are unforgiving and certainly unimpressed as they share their displeasure at Jennifer Lopez covering RiRi’s platinum single “Diamonds” but seemingly not hitting the mark. Rihanna has a unique singing voice, and despite some people not liking it, her fans live for her music, and that also means they do not want anyone changing or messing with any of her songs. That’s how Jennifer Lopez got on the wrong side of the Navy on Friday after a clip of her singing on the American Idol singing competition when she was a judge resurfaced and went viral because fans did not like her version of the cover.

The video is not even new and comes from the competition in 2015 while she was a judge. She reportedly performed the song at the finale of the show and also performed “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Many fans of Rihanna were not too keen on J.Lo’s rendition, and some even made rude comments at her.

“Jennifer Lopez is such an inspiration. She never let lack of talent stop her from achieving her dreams and you shouldn’t either,” one Twitter user said.

“God she struggling on a Rihanna song? Like girl if you hire your daughter to coach you,” another said.

Another said, “Her voice is the epitome of boring; literally has no character to it. Even ppl who be off key have something to give.”

Some also defended J.Lo.

“I think it was perfectly fine. But Rihanna and Sia just really made it so distinct with their voices, everything else sounds off,” one person wrote.

Another added, “we as a society need to realize that not every singer is supposed to sing like Whitney Houston, everyone has a different vocal range and it’s okay if you do not like her voice just find another artist instead of dragging her, it’s so easy to do.”

Some of J.Lo’s fans also pushed back at the critics who said Rihanna isn’t much of a better singer than J.Lo herself. Some Navy fans disagreed.

“Rihanna is a rockstar. No matter the runs, clarity, control, or whistles someone does when they cover her songs Rihanna’s version will always be better. I’ve heard countless covers of Diamonds but ain’t nobody delivering it like Rihanna. I don’t care what y’all talking about,” one fan said.

“Diamonds” has since surpassed 2.1 billion streams on YouTube. The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2012 and is now certified 7X platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.