Skeng Trends After Electric Performance AT BRT Weekend

Skeng, Valiant, and Ding Dong performed at the 2023 BRT Weekend


Skeng put on a show for his fans at BRT Weekend in Ocho Rios last weekend.

Beach Road Trip (BRT) Weekend was closed out by dancehall artist Skeng who delivered a fantastic performance in front of thousands of fans. The artist burst onto the stage before delivering a high-energy performance that had fans screaming as he bounced around on the stage.

The artist let his guard down and got personal with fans as he was seen in viral clips from the event crowd surfing and going into a thick crowd of people while performing. In one clip, Skeng is seen wearing just his blue swim trunks and his boxers peeking through.

Skeng is seen sitting on a music box on the stage before he abruptly jumps into the crowd. In one clip, the music stops as the artist screams “Jesus” as a group of women grab at him. One woman locks her hand around the artist, preventing him from moving as she also appears to fight off other women trying to grab onto the artist. The artist is later snatched up by his security personnel and taken back on stage, where he continues his performance.

BRT weekend ran from March 10-12 and featured several back-to-back events throughout the day and night in Ocho Rios.

Other artists at the event included Bounty Killer and rising artist Valiant who performed some of his hit songs like “Cut All Losses,” “North Carolina,” and others. The artist’s performance was a short 12 minutes, but Valiant did not disappoint as the crowd sang along to his hit music. The artist received much praise on social media as his fans commented on his great stage presence as a “born performer” but that he also kept fans engaged and excited while his voice and sound were almost identical to his music. The artist’s strong voice stood out as he performed all the lyrics of his songs before politely exiting the stage.

BRT weekend was a packed party weekend that featured performances from Jahshii on Saturday, Skinny Fabolous, and Ding Dong, among others.

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