Dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo Shot and Killed

Dancehall artist Unknown Gringo was killed in a gun attack in Trelawny early Friday morning

Unknown Gringo

Dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo was reportedly shot and killed in Trelawny in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force confirmed the reports that the artist was killed, but few details have been shared. “We are aware that there was a shooting involving a deejay in Trelawny but we have not confirmed the details as yet,” the Jamaica Observer quoted the JCF.

Unknown Gringo, whose real name is Frantz Morris, was born and raised in the volatile community of Flankers in Montego Bay, but his family later moved to Trelawny, where he lived until his death.

The artist’s career was just taking off despite being on the music scene for a few years. Gringo is well known for songs like Tank Up, Brawling Death, Money Machine featuring Chronic Law, Shy featuring Jada Kingdom, “Careful” with Skillibeng, and others.

The artist made his debut at Reggae Sumfest in 2019 but was affected by the pandemic. He continued to work and appeared to have a strong 2022 with songs like “Area Code” that released by his label, Desconocido Music, and was one of the rising stars making his debut at Sting 2022.

Gringo’s provocative music included references to obeah and human sacrifices as well as lottery scamming or “banging e line,” as referred to in his lyrics.

Meanwhile, there are reports online that the artist shot in the vicinity of Rock in Falmouth, Trelawny.

On social media, fans of the artist reacted with shock at his death, with many lamenting the artist dying before he could achieve his dreams.

“France you really gone bro,” one fan wrote.

“Life really f**k up god no. A last night we a chat pon the phone an u a seh it coming like the flu want hold u. An mi tell u fi tek a pill. SMH never know it would be the last time a chat u to. Fly high my friend,” another wrote.

This is a developing story.