Tyrese Shares Psych Meds Why He Lied About Will Smith’s $5 Million Gift

Tyrese says antidepressant medications is behind his past social media melt downs and why he lied about Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith gifting him $5 million

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese says some of his past behaviors on the internet were because of him taking psych meds, as he now shares that Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith never gave him $5 million, and his wife was never pregnant when he prematurely made the announcement.

Tyrese has been a source of memes and jokes online following his propensity to run to the internet every time he has an issue. Many have accused the actor and R&B singer of seeking attention when he has a problem. From crying on the internet about his child custody battle, warring with his ex-wife Samantha over their divorce, and even airing out his new girlfriend and his label for reportedly dropping him, the actor has been very open with his life, and that has also made many of his followers mock him rather than empathize.

In a new interview, Tyrese explains that the time he said Will Smith gave him money was not true. Back in 2017, he said on Instagram, “You’ve guys asked me to get off and stay off the Internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid. I will listen,” before going on to say the money was a kind donation to help his court custody battle over daughter, Shayla.

However, Tyrese says he was not in a good mental health place when he did those things and blamed the drugs he was given.

“As someone who doesn’t use drugs, you put something salty in my system, it’s gonna have the worse adverse effects ever. So, I am online talking bout Will Smith giving me $5 million,” he said while on the Sways Universe podcast.

He continued, “I never talked to Will Smith and I still haven’t recovered from the damage that I did to him and his family. They didn’t deserve them phone calls. I still haven’t recovered from announcing that Samantha was pregnant when she wasn’t at the time…Everything that was happening, I was out of my mind.”

The incident that Tyrese spoke about with Will is from 2017, but in recent times, his fans and followers have called on him to seek help.

Last year, the artist appeared to break down as he claimed that while dealing with his mother’s first death anniversary, he was dropped by his record label, Voltron Recordz.

That move came after he teased a new song where he questioned if his wife was really in love with him, given that she appears to have moved on after the divorce. This is although Tyrese had moved on within weeks of his wife and him announcing their divorce.