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Tyga and Avril Lavigne Goes Instagram Official After Locking Lips In Paris

Tyga confirms relationship with singer Avril Lavigne on his Instagram a day after they were spotted kissing in Paris

Tyga, Avril Lavigne

Rapper Tyga has confirmed that he and pop artist Avril Lavigne are in a relationship. This comes after the couple was spotted out and about together, sharing PDA in public.

Tyga dating Avril Lavigne is probably not in anybody’s wild card for 2023, but nothing’s a surprise anymore, especially with Hollywood folks, it seems. Over the weekend, Tyga and Lavigne set off dating bells after they were spotted smooching in public. They were also seen together several times over the past weeks leading up to them letting the world know they have the hots for each other after a date at Nobu in California last month.

News also surfaced this week that Lavigne and her fiancé Mod Sun had parted ways. Within a week after he hinted at the breakup, she was spotted out and about with Tyga and another woman. The sighting didn’t mean they were dating, but as it turns out, it’s more than them just catching up on music and possibly collaborating as they shared an intimate moment at Paris fashion week days ago.

“1 week my entire life completely changed…I just know there’s a plan for it all. I’ll keep my head up + always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken,” Lavigne’s fiancé of one year said in an Instagram post.

Following the kiss at Paris Fashion Week, Tyga, who previously dated the likes of Iggy Azalea, Camaryn Swanson, Bella Poarch, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chynna, seemed to confirm that he and Avril were a thing.

In a post on Instagram, he shared photos of the two of them at Paris Fashion Week and quoted lyrics from Metro Boomin and Future’s song “Superhero” off his album, Heroes & Villains.

“Shout out to Dallas,” he wrote without finishing the rest of the lyrics. Lavigne has maintained silence about her relationship with Tyga and the break up with punk rock artist Mod Sun.