Agent Sasco In Album Mode, Honored By Harvard’s Caribbean Club

Dancehall veteran Agent Sasco gets a Harvard honor ahead of his new album

Agent Sasco
Agent Sasco / Courtesy

Agent Sasco says he is in album mode.

The dancehall veteran, formerly known as Assassin, revealed that he’s about start putting together his new album as he shared that he’s been in thought mode about the potential project and asked fans for their feedback on the kinds of songs they want to hear. In a post shared on Instagram recently, Agent Sasco shared with fans how he wanted his new album to sound as he shared a video from a live performance during the pandemic where he performed the track “Give Thanks.”

The artist revealed that he had an idea of how he wanted the album to sound.

“In the very early stages of curfews and lockdowns in 2020, my band and I did a live stream performance from @diamondstudiosja. For me, it’s easily one of the most interesting and memorable performances because of all that was happening at that time. As I’m thinking about recording another album, this song #Grateful feels like kind of texture I want as the foundation for the project,” Sasco revealed.

He asked fans, “What say you? Is there any other song of mine you would suggest as inspiration for the next album? #GiveThanks.”

The artist also shared another post of the same song where he shared a verse for fans.

“What say you for the album, dem vibes yah? As long as there’s blood within my veins and there is air within my lungs, Jah blessed me with a brain so no, yuh can’t call me nuh dunce. As long as mi ears a hear and feel vibration on the drums, as long as mi heart a pump mi nah go bawl say mi short of funds. My fate is in my own hands, pinky to mi thumbs. Mi foot dem and hand dem, mi a kick and mi a punch and I shall not relent, all when I’m walking with a hunch. All when mi hair get grey up and no teeth nuh inna mi gums. #HealthAndWealth #TheoryOfReggaetivity #GiveThanks,” the artist shared.

Agent Sasco’s last body of work was ‘Sasco Vs Assasin’ released in 2020, while his last album ‘Hope River’ was released in 2018.

The artist revealed weeks ago that he was ready for his next music project after he announced his Agro-tourism project with his wife, Nicole. The artist shared that he and his wife had spent 18 months working on the farm tourism project, which left him with fresh inspiration.

“I’ve been working on this project for the last 18 months. It’s a different kind of creativity and just as fulfilling. I’m feeling inspired to start working on my next music project,” he wrote on Instagram.

The artist also revealed that he was recently honored by the Caribbean Club at Harvard University. The club often honors artists and celebrities who have made an important impact on music and culture in the Caribbean.