Shenseea Gets Her Flowers For Shelling Rolling Loud California Stage

Shenseea deserves her flowers even if it means she has to give herself props after last weekend's stellar Rolling Loud performance

Shenseea Rolling Loud

Shenseea showed out during her Rolling Loud California as she performed at the event for the third year in a row.

The artist maintained a futuristic theme with silver tinfoil-looking pants and a matching long-sleeve top with what looked like an alien skull-designed purse to boot. While Shenseea looked great in her outfit, it was her performance that set fans off as she delivered a high-energy set and even had an entertaining guest on stage who danced.

“Learn to give yourself the flowers you deserve,” she captioned the series of videos and photos posted on Instagram.

Shenseea also shared a video of her and two of her fans doing a coordinated dance on stage to her song “Hard Drive” featuring Konshens and Rvssian. There is also a video of the artist inviting fans onto the stage to perform for a dance-off. While Shenseea proved she was no match as she showed how to do a split, the crowd broke into screams as one of her fans – a little person who showed off her dancing skills.

Shenseea cleared out the way as the woman not only danced but also did a back flip before landing into double splits, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The woman, whose name is Keesha, is reportedly a dancer and has 500k followers. On her account, she shared several videos and photos of Shenseea, hinting that she might have been contracted for the performance.

“Cause first off, I’m still on a high likeeeee I can’t believe I just did my first Rolling Loud,” she wrote on Instagram. “I just want to say Thank you @shenseea for having me up on stage to vibe out, such a beautiful soul and amazing at what you do. Keep going crazy osn oh boy boutta be famous after this, he definitely told all his homeboys,” she added.

In the meantime, Shenseea received commendations for her performance and outfit, but some Jamaicans were not a fan of her purse, as they called it demonic.

“It’s the baphoment for me,” one wrote.

“Seriously gurl a wah kindda bag dat ya brandish smh,” another said.