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Joe Budden Criticizes ‘Corny’ Michael B. Jordan Over Lore’l Red Carpet Incident

Joe Budden help nothing back in criticizing Michael B. Jordan over a red carpet incident with Lore'l

Joe Budden
Joe Budden / JBP

Joe Budden isn’t a fan of Michael B. Jordan and thinks that he is corny for his recent run-in with Lore’l.

Michael B. Jordan put podcaster Joe Budden in his place after the latter called him “corny” for calling out a former classmate who bullied him in high school. The actor appears to be sensitive about the word “corny” and lashed out at Budden, who seemed to think that he was wrong for calling out a red carpet interviewer, who he reminded that she persistently bullied him and called him “corny” when they attended school together decades ago.

The radio show host Lore’l seemingly apologized to the Black Panther actor after he finished his interview with her. Joe Budden, however, felt that the actor was doing too much, and his actions were not mature. While on the Joe Budden Podcast, he said the Creed actor was corny for shaming a black woman at the height of his successful career.

“Dawg, you doing that to a girl is some corny-n****a sh*t,” Joe Budden began. “You being Michael B. Jordan, today, allegedly sexiest man alive, all of these blockbuster movies, during your highlight week. You’ve probably never been more visible than you are right this second. And that’s what you do to her?” He added.

Budden also seemed to infer a nefarious reason for Michael addressing the radio host.

“If I bring back those White girl rumors, then it’s gon’ sound even crazier. Why you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet when you don’t talk to White b****es like that?”

He continued, “But I’m not gon’ make it race here. They say I make everything race. That was corny of him to speak to that girl like that. Michael B. Jordan, that’s why ni***s call you corny. Hey, Creed. In case you was confused, that corny-a$$ sh*t you did is why ni****s think you corny. In case you were off a little bit.”

Last week, the clip of Michael B. Jordan questioning the Morning Hustle host went viral.

“Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right?” Michael B. Jordan told her after she shared with viewers that she knew him from way back when they attended Chad Science Academy in Newark, New Jersey, many years ago.

Joe Budden Responds to backlash for calling Michael B. Jordan corny

The host also denied the remarks, but the Creed actor insisted, “No, I heard it.”

The actor-turned-producer also had a sharp rebuke for Joe Budden, whose employment status he insulted.

“If any other Black multimillionaire embarrassed a woman working on a red carpet cuz she thought he was corny in 7th grade y’all would call him a lot more than corny… Also i work for me & im not firing myself. I said what I said, get off my d*ck,” Budden wrote and signed the Instagram stories with the words, “Love, management.”