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Chris Brown Fires Off Message To TikTok Star After Club Confrontation

Chris Brown send a message to a tik toker who he got into a confrontation with in the club while on his Under The Influence tour

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown appeared heated at a Tik Toker, and it seems that the artist was not about to back down, a video from his latest club appearance shows.

The video went viral on Wednesday afternoon, showing Breezy in a verbal altercation with another person who was passing him and his entourage in the club. Chris Brown also shared that he was annoyed at the person, and he was ready to escalate the situation outside, but the other person was a coward.

The R&B singer commented on the video after it went viral. “You know you tucked your tail,” he wrote in a comment that was pinned on DJ Akademiks‘ account. He went on, “You was scared to come outside. You would’ve been doing TIK TOKs from a hospital bed. Weird ass n***a.”

The viral video shows Brown wearing a hat and white t-shirt, talking tough, and pointing his fingers furiously while someone appears to be holding him back.

It’s unclear who the man is in the video that Breezy’s anger is directed at, but the singer appears to be pointing at a man who is seen wearing a black and red hat, and his head back is caught on the camera. The man appears with a group of men who also try to de-escalate the situation.

Brown’s security also stands between the men. It’s unclear what caused Breezy to become angered, and so far, no context has been shared about the situation.

Chris Brown is presently on his ‘Under The Influence’ tour in Europe and has been frequently spotted enjoying the nightlife surrounded by women. His club hopping has not been incident free, as the singer was accused a week ago of snubbing a group of black women in a London club after they tried to socialize in his section with him. Breezy was accused of being a colorist and only wanting to be around brown and Asian women and not black women.

One of the women later apologized and stated that it wasn’t Breezy who rejected them from the section but rather a promoter who made a false promise that they would be able to chill with the “Forever” artist.

Last week the artist also faced backlash from fans of Chloe Bailey, who felt that he should not be collaborating with her due to his past domestic violence case involving his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

The artist also defended himself as he explained that he committed an offense when he was 17 years old, and he was now 34 years old and has never been in any issues with the law since.

Chris Brown’s eventful week did not end there as days later, the artist was also bashed by Zeus star Tommie Lee who tried to get at his son, Aeko, while backstage at one of his concerts, but his son’s mother, Ammika Harris, closed the door in her face leading to a confrontation with Tommie attempting to kick down the door and making colorist remarks about the child’s complexion on Instagram live.

She later apologized for disrespecting Chris Brown, his partner, and their son.