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Latto Strongly Denies Dating 21 Savage

Latto insists she is not dating 21 Savage after showing out for her secret man by cooking soul food for him

21 Savage Latto
21 Savage, Latto

Latto seek to ice more rumors of her secretly relationship with 21 Savage.

Latto is again denying that she and 21 Savage are romantically involved despite her debuting a tattoo that appeared to be the Atlanta rapper’s real name weeks ago. On Sunday, fans hopped in her comments discussing whether Latto had confirmed that she was dating the British-born rapper. The “Big Energy” rapper has kept her relationship a secret, although she shares moments like birthdays and Valentine’s Day that was done for her.

Latto has, however, never denied that she is dating 21 Savage publicly. In a tweet, a follower asked, “Did she actually say she was with 21?” Latto responded, “No I’ve said I’m not plenty of times.”

A lot of Latto’s fans don’t seem to believe her. One fan pointed out, “She’s not with 21 Savage, she’s with Shéyaa Bin Abraham- Joseph..Get it right.”

Latto comment via Instagram

Latto tattoo of 21 Savage name

Latto had shared a video of her salon hair day weeks ago, but eagle-eyed fans noticed a red tattoo of 21 Savage’s first name ‘Sheyaa” and concluded that Latto was indeed dating the British-born rapper.

Latto also deleted the video immediately after fans pointed out the tattoo, but she never addressed it. 21 Savage, on the other hand, has claimed that he does not have a “celebrity girlfriend,” seemingly in response to speculations that he is the love interest behind the lavish gifts, trips, and cars that Latto shows out.

Fans reacted to the “Lottery” artist’s response on Instagram.

“Then why have a tatt of a man. Did it not work out and you never removed the tattoo? But now it’s getting weird. It’s no need to continue to lie when folks seen the tatt,” another said.

“I’m trying figure out if is she American Citizen, why not marry her to claim his citizenship and be with her? If they trying just be happy and keep they relationship low-key, good for them….. everyone doesn’t need social media approval to be the lit couple,” another said.

Are Latto and 21 Savage dating?

Latto and 21 Savage have been rumored to be dating for the past few years, although both of them have tried to end the chatters by the denying it. Still, fans have used every opportunity to tie them together, especially since neither of them have ever come forward to publicly state who they’re dating.

There have been rumors that Latto is dating Key Glock, but the Memphis rapper has in the past denied the he is dating her.