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Drake Confronted By Ex Flame Who He Namedrop In A Song

Drake shares that one of his ex-flames confronted him for namedropping her in a song

Drake / @champagnepapi

Drake’s style of name-dropping women in his songs has been far from unproblematic, as he shared in his Moody Conversation interview that some of the women confronted him about the song lyrics.

Drake is well known for dropping the names of women in his songs. One name featured in lyrics was “kiki,” where Drake asked, “do you love me, are you riding?” The lyrics and name sparked controversy as many surmised that it might be speaking about Kim Kardashian (whose nickname is ‘Ki Ki’), who was then married to Kanye West. There are also reports that Kanye West and Drake’s beef might have been fueled by speculations that he was involved with Kim Kardashian, although she later denied the allegations.

In his latest interview with Lil Yachty, Drake explained that the girls he mentioned have gotten mad at him for mentioning them in his songs, but he never had bad intentions.

“The lyrics are never with ill intent, but I had somebody one time be like “you know it’s not necessarily what you said about me, but it was the fact that you said it’,” the rapper said.

He also went on to say that the women have shared that his lyrics affected their lives and that of their spouses.

“Like just in the sense of like ‘you don’t know what it does to me…you don’t know who my boyfriend is at the time, you don’t know what my family knows and doesn’t know, you know and if you express any form of contempt for me in a song and call me by name then all of a sudden I am I’m left to kind of like pick up the pieces in my own life that I kind of build-up for myself,” Drake said.

Among the women Drake has name-dropped are Alisha, Catya, Cece, Chyna, Courtney, Kiki, and several celebrity women like Jada Pinkett-Smith and others.

While the names he adds to music have been somewhat of a mystery, whether real or fake, the rapper sparked interest last year when he revealed a new chain featuring 42 diamonds for “every time I felt like proposing.”

In the same interview with Yachty, he later revealed that the statement was nothing more than a gimmick and not real.