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Jess Hilarious Reveals Master P Owes Her $15K, “That man could talk a good game”

Master P
Master P

Wild’N Out comedian Jess Hilarious says Master P owes her $15,000 for a skit. The comedian was on the Breakfast Club show, where she was asked about working with the hip-hop mogul when she revealed that she’s still owed money for her skit “I Got The Hook Up.”

“That man could talk a good game to you. Even with me, ‘I got the hook up.’ I’m still owed some bread for that. I ain’t gon lie,” she said while DJ Envy asked incredulously, ‘did he pay you at all?’

“Yeah, yeah, for the first scene,” Jess answered. “I did two scenes but he thought because he used one scene, he ain’t gotta pay for the other one. I stayed there for 13 hours,” she said.

Charlamagne Tha God also asked about how things worked when she was shooting a skit if she wouldn’t get paid upfront. She added, “a scene, when it comes to a skit movie like that …you know ‘I got The Hook Up’ was a long skit.”

Master P has a bunch of debtors claiming that he has failed to make good on his financial obligations in the past. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Master P said he wanted to propose a law to make it illegal for them to sue him or make claims about monies owed to them in the past.

Master P was recently called out by Fat Trel over a Gucci Mane film and his 2013 album “Al Capone” featuring music with Trel and Atlanta rapper Alley Boy which they did not get paid.

According to Trel in a No Jumper interview recently, the movie never happened.

As for the No Limit Records founder, the rapper/producer says doesn’t like that his former artists are waiting more than a decade to talk about him. Master P also shared that the movie production did get derailed, but that was due to the fault of the lead actor, Gucci Mane, whose legal woes, including imprisonment, affected the movie production.

In the meantime, Master P referred to his ex-artists as “disgruntled baby mamas” and said he wanted a 7-year statute of limitations to restrain them from chatting about him.