Sean Paul Help Fans Out With Some Valentine’s Day Punchlines

Sean Paul
Sean Paul / Instagram

Cat got your tongue on Valentine’s Day? Well, Sean Paul has the right thing to help out if you are a fan.

The dancehall legend is showing off his romantic side and is ready to help fans out as he revealed nifty Valentine’s Day cards with song lyrics to help them express their feelings and desires to their significant others. Sean Paul revealed four cards that featured lines to and from whom and included a statement or lyric from his music.

“Decided to help y’all out with some SP valentines lyrics!!! Which one are U sending 2 ur Valentine?” he asked his fans. “Wishin’ happy #ValentinesDay 2 my fans,” he wrote with the heart emoji.

The cards curiously featured images of Sean Paul so it appears that this is definitely for his fans gifting each other. One card colored blue read, “I’m blazin, so me wan’ you come through,” while another colored yellow read, “Spank it while you crank it.”

Another also featured lyrics from his Billboard hit song “Temperature”- “I wanna be keepin’ you warm, I got the right temperature fi shelter you from the storm. I wanna be the poppa you can be the mom.”

There is also one card which is colored red and definitely for a man to give to his girl- “‘My love us ever blazin’, ever blazin’, girl. And it nah guh change.”

Some fans reacted to the hilarious cards, with one fan requesting her own card.

Need a card that says: “To My: Hot Sexy Punkie. Gyal mi sensin’ that you want me, And it nuh matter wa you man a seh, Cause you know say that we haffi link up one day!” one commenter wrote.

“Gyalis Poet society,” DJ Babey Drew wrote.

“Temperature lyrics are the bomb,” another person wrote.

“Definitly ever blazin, damn I love that damn song,” one fan added.

Sean Paul might be onto something, as some fans observed, as he is married to Jodi Jinx and has two children, so we know he has a romantic side, even if he is private about it.