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Rihanna, Drake Salutes Lebron James For Setting New NBA Scoring Record

Drake and Lebron

Lebron James earned a new historical milestone on Tuesday night, and many, including the hip-hop world, are sending congratulatory messages for the amazing achievement. Basketball legend LeBron James made history after becoming the NBA’s all-time scoring leader when he broke the standing record held by Kareem-Abdul Jabbar over the past three decades.

Lebron James earned the title while his team played against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Los Angeles Lakers’ home Crypto.com Arena. James was expected to surpass Jabbar’s career total of 38,387 points, and after doing so, the basketball legend ceremonially handed over the basketball to his successor in a mid-court ceremony.

The historical milestone was noticed by many in the sporting and entertainment world as they gave the basketball player his props. LeBron’s epic performance on Tuesday night came after weeks of anticipation, and when he scored his 36th point, the stadium and social media erupted with congratulatory messages from all factions of fans.

Among those who marveled at the achievement were Rihanna, Drake, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and thousands of LeBron fans who flooded social media with messages in awe of him.

“What a legendary night in NBA history,” Drake said about his friend shortly after the game ended. Drake appeared to be speaking from LeBron’s former hometown as he said, “To honor that I had to come back to the place that it all started… Every journey has its beginning.” However, his usual gimmick at play, a green screen collapses behind Drake, showing that he was actually in a nightclub in Miami celebrating.

Sixteen-time Grammy winner Kendrick Kamar also shared praise for LeBron’s achievement.

“From the time you went to the league when you had the doubters and the naysayers and people that think you wouldn’t take it this far you proved ’em wrong, dawg,” Lamar said.

Rihanna also shared that the moment inspired her.

“I am so grateful to witness this moment in history… my favorite thing about being a LeBron James fan is just watching you prove yourself over and over again against all odds and all doubt. Thank you for repping for all of us. Keep striving for greatness always, and congratulations King James.”

Snoop Dogg, decked out in his Lakers jersey, also added, “it’s always fun watching a Laker get it done.”

John Legend and Justin Timberlake also shared congratulatory messages to LeBron, with the former saying, “This man has been in the spotlight and burdened with the highest expectations since he was a teenager. And he’s done nothing but exceed those expectations and build a historic legacy. What an incredible accomplishment!” while Timberlake was in awe of the historic score, “on a step back too!”

Lil Wayne also posted, “Kongrats King!! Glad to say I’ve shaken your hand brudda. God bless you and the fam and the homies.”