Romeich Drops Major Motivation After Buying 2023 BMW 7 Series

Romeich Major and Shacqueal Witter

Romeich Major got real with fans on Friday as he shared that he became emotional after realizing all he has achieved at times, even without the support and belief of his own father.

In a lengthy post, Romeich Major shared that his recent accomplishment of buying a BMW 7 Series made him realize how far he was coming from with little support and plenty of odds to get to where he is now. Major shared that he was born and raised at Waltham Park Road, an inner-city community, but despite the odds, he has managed to beat generational expectations.

“I make this post not to show what I own but to show the youths of today that this is a youth weh born 1984 from the inner city #walthampark road beat all the odds!!! Nuff fight, nuff chatting, nuff war, nuff good and bad we fight in this world,” the artist wrote.

The artist said he broke down just writing the caption for the post as he recalled the many things he had to overcome, including losing his father.

“Me a write this with tears in my eyes…cause just to show you a example my own father that work hard to send me go school and be comfy didn’t believe in my view and when he died over 10 years ago 2 weeks before my bday I know he died not feeling proud of me,” Major said.

Major started as a promotion boss offering bottle service workers for events in Jamaica. He later got into artist management and A&R, and music recording, which has grown his profile in the entertainment industry.

He left advice for youths who were struggling and wasn’t sure about starting a small business.

“With all this said youths get up and start a business no matter how small start, because hardest thing is to start it’s not what u can do it’s what you can start doing to make you better and if and when you do so and you and your family are happy and comfy nothing beats that memba most a them people yah you see a live big life a spend bank money and a live over them means to look good and deep down them unhappy so just try focus on your dream and goals and move forward to it!”

The artist also shared that he now owned “from the main to the lane” of where he lived in Waltham Park.

He also cautioned youngsters not to be caught up in the optics of social media, which can be depressing when you are working but not making the kind of strides others appear to.

“Youths don’t make social media trick you it can be real negative just focus and nuh watch that, everyone free to speak and most who have something to say don’t have much going on so keep focus, work hard but best thing work smart!!!” he added.

Major has managed dancehall artists like Teejay and Shenseea, who herself is now breaking through to the American Hip Hop scene, Ding Dong, and a host of other entertainment talents, including dancers and social media personalities.