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Latto Previews A New Pop Song and Says “Pop Latto Loading”


Latto is teasing a new Pop song as she shared snippets of the new track on Tuesday evening.

The Atlanta rapper simultaneously dropped a 39-second video of the new song across her social media accounts on Tuesday night as she announced that “Pop Latto loading” along with the cherry emoji. In the video, the track plays in the background of a studio with what sounds like the chorus.

“Ooh, if I let you put your hands all over me…if I tell you all my dirty fantasies, you won the lottery, you won the lottery,” the rapper sings in the chorus before the track cuts and sounds as if she is about to rap.

The rapper is seen with two of her friends dancing as they throw dollar bills in the air. Latto is seen wearing a fluffy pink hat and pink and red socks with cherries on them. The cherries seem to be hinting at the song or maybe a new project coming, as the rapper has been using it in her bio and on her accounts across social media.

Fans reacted to the snippet on Twitter, with some already declaring that the track is a straight hit.

“This is definitely a hit. It’s definitely gonna be number 1 on the Billboard charts,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I can already hear it in the malls and skating rinks,” another said. “This coming right before the Grammys,” another added.

Some also called for Latto to collaborate with Dua Lipa. This new track would be the second track to straddle rap and pop as Latto previously saw major success with her song “Big Energy”, a remix with Mariah Carey.

That song is a sample of the 1981 hit “Genius of Love,” by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth and Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit “Fantasy,” which also sampled the original song.

Latto saw immense commercial success with the song on the radio and streaming, with the track spending more than 30 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and winning quite a few awards.

Latto was named Top New Artist of 2022 in all genres by Billboard charts during its year-end roundup. The 23-year-old rapper was also named Top New R&B/Hip-Hop Artist thanks to the success of “Big Energy.”

According to Billboard, the song took the top spot- No. 1 on the year-end R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales, Rap Digital Song Sales, and Rhythmic Airplay Songs recaps.