Popcaan Shout-Out Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel At ‘Great Is He’ Album Release Party

Popcaan Toni-Ann Singh
Popcaan Toni-Ann Singh at GIHE Album Listening Party 2023

Popcaan celebrated his album launch with a star-studded event with artists like Skillibeng, Toni-Ann Singh, Chronic Law, his OVO label representatives, and members of the Reggae and Dancehall community turning out in support.

Popcaan was in his element as he was seen drinking and vibing to tracks from the album. Wearing a coral-colored waistcoat, matching graphic-designed trousers, and a black inside shirt, the artist sipped from his cup while dancing.

While addressing fans, the artist spoke about his journey as a youth from St. Thomas and the challenges he experienced to be where he was in life. “Big up all real unruly (his fanbase). Ah years we a fight this. Some boys deeven know!” the artist said.

The Gaza Empire alum also shouted out Buju Banton as he shared a lesson he learned from the artist’s music while going through his struggles.

“Some gyal deeven even know! Dem just see it and feel like it’s a bed of roses. Big up Buju Banton him say yuh nuh fi see the glam and think it’s a bed of roses, it’s not a bed of rose. Big up Jamaica, ah mi place, 876, me walk wid it everywhere inna the world,” Poppy said.

Popcaan also said he would continue to represent Jamaica to the world as one of the few artists who are in the mainstream music space.

“Mi represent the 876 to the fullest. You hear that. And mi just want make unnu know this tonight, ah love and light,” the artist said as he thanked his fans for their support… “Our music ah di first and it is forever…dancehall and reggae music, it me represent,” Popcaan.

The artist is set to release his album Great Is He on January 27. The 20-track project includes features from Toni-Ann Singh, Drake, Burna Boy, and Chronic Law.

The artist also used the opportunity to shine the spotlight on his parish, St. Thomas, and shared appreciation for the resilience of the people.

“Big up every St. Thomas Native. You know the fight different ah Jamaica and every Jamaican know that. We affi cross one heap a barrier to reach ah town and ah just Jamaica dis much less the world,” Popcaan said.

Popcaan’s informal speech also shouted out Vybz Kartel, whose imprint Gaza Empire discovered and helped to develop Popcaan’s talent. Despite speculation that the two artists were not on good terms, Popcaan shared love for the incarcerated artist.

“Big up Vybz Kartel, mi can’t wait fi see you pan di road one a dem day ya…ah you start the greatness,” the artist said.

Popcaan’s evening included him showing off his dancing skills, and the artist also shared a sweet moment with rumored girlfriend Toni-Ann Singh, whom he grabbed for a sultry dance as their song came on.