Apryl Jones & Taye Diggs Sparks Breakup Rumors, Unfollow Each Other On IG

Taye Diggs Apryl Jones
Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones/Instagram

Fans are speculating that actor Taye Diggs and reality star Apryl Jones have split after the couple abruptly unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The pair first started dating in late 2021, with Taye Diggs confirming that they met after he joined TikTok in December of that year. Jones and Diggs were inseparable in 2022 as they were spotted on social media either boo’d up or doing TikTok videos.

On Friday, fans questioned whether the pair have parted ways after they reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram. Neither of them has said anything about their relationship. Diggs still has photos of Apryl up on his profile. The Brown Sugar actor’s most recent post of Jones is from her birthday on December 15.

“Happy Birth Day to My Love. You changed the game!!! Thank you for your patient love, your supportive love and most of most of all, your love of humor. Let’s keep going… I love you,” he wrote.

Jones had also responded, “I lub you to pieces! You have already made this birthday so special… and it just started. I’m such a blessed woman! Thank you Lord,” she wrote.

Jones also still has posts of Diggs up on her account as well. Last year, Diggs 51, shared his love and appreciation for Jones, 35, for the first time after fans speculated that they could be dating.

“As an adult, there are times in life where you can’t believe what you are blessed with,” he said in a video on Instagram. “I feel really lucky to have the career I have, coming from nothing and then getting to be where I am.”

He added, “The fact that this woman is in love with me… that’s how I know, praise you, lord Jesus or buddha or universe, ’cause somehow she’s next to me.”

Jones added, “So, for all you people out there who don’t think there’s God or no higher being or no higher force… y’all I know there is ’cause someone’s lookin’ out after me, boy!”

Apryl Jones previously dated Omarion whom she shared two children with.