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Seventh YSL Defendant, Mounk Tounk, Takes Plea Deal and Could Testify

Young Thug Gunna
Young Thug and Gunna in court virtually on November 17, 2022

Antonio Sledge, also known as Mounk Tounk, has accepted a 30-year plea deal as he agrees to testify against rapper Young Thug who is facing several counts of racketeering charges and murder.

Sledge is the seventh of 28 defendants charged in the YSL Rico case, which is set for trial on January 9, 2023. Videos of Sledge’s plea deal court hearing, via WSBTV show him pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate Georgia’s RICO Act as well as one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

During the hearing, prosecutors say that Sledge admitted to being a member of the YSL, or Young Slime Life gang and that he committed crimes for YSL.

“Defendant has been a member and/or associate of YSL since 2012…While associated with YSL and to support and express loyalty to YSL, defendant and co-defendant Garlington and Zachary appeared in a video with another person where defendant brandished a weapon used in a drive-by shooting,” Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love said.

Love read some of the statements that Sledge gave to prosecutors, which include Young Thug offering YSL associates money to chill out far from the crime scene and him being told about the murder by another person.

“The defendant was told by another YSL associate that immediately after the murder of Donovan Thomas Jr., YSL associates met at the McDonalds on Cleveland Avenue in Atlanta Georgia to discuss the murder. Defendant personally knows that one or more associates committed the murder of Donovan Thomas Jr on behalf of YSL. On January 10, 2015, after the murder of Donovan Thomas Jr, defendant and other YSL associates gathered at the home of Jeffery Williams aka Young Thug who gave defendant and other associates cash money to lay low,” the prosecutor claimed.

She added that after that, Sledge and others, along with Young Thug, went to Miami.

“Defendant has personal knowledge that on January 10, 2015, after the murder of Donovan Thomas Jr., YSL associates travelled to Miami, Florida with co-defendant and YSL founder Jeffery Williams aka Young Thug. Defendant did not murder Donovan Thomas jr. and is not a party to the crime,” she said.

In the meantime, Sledge has agreed to testify in the upcoming YSL RICO trial, which will cause his 30-year probation sentence to be slashed by 15 years. He has also waived his right to plead the fifth in exchange for prosecutors to drop the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge against him and instead replace it with 15 years’ probation.

Among those who have taken plea deals so far are Gunna, Walter Murphy- YSL co-founder, rappers Lil Duke, Young Thug’s brother Quantavious “Unfoonk” Grier, and Antonio “Obama” Sumlin.

In the meantime, the trial set to begin next month is likely to call all of those who took plea deals as witnesses.

On the other hand, the murder victim mentioned in Sledge’s deal is rival rapper YFN Lucci’s former manager. Young Thug and Lucci’s beef began in 2015 after Thomas’ death with what prosecutors say is a series of retaliatory crimes- shootings, drive-bys, etc.

Lucci also claimed earlier this year that there was a murder attempt on his life by Young Thug.

On Thursday, many hip-hop fans reacted to Sledge’s plea deal, with some calling him a “snitch” and turning on Young Thug.