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Kodak Black Says Tory Lanez Verdict Not Right, Chided Jay-Z & Megan Thee Stallion

Kodak Black

Kodak Black is feeling sorry for Tory Lanez, who is presently remanded in police custody and spent the holidays in jail after being convicted on several felony assault charges for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

In an Instagram Live video, Kodak Black went off on a rant at Megan as well as Jay-Z over Tory’s conviction and the fact that the Canadian rapper was locked up for Christmas. The rapper was convicted on all three felony charges- assault with a semiautomatic firearm, carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle, and discharge of a firearm with gross negligence and is awaiting sentencing on January 27th, 2023.

However, Kodak Black believes that the rapper shouldn’t be sent to jail as he bashed Megan, whom jurors believed was shot and injured by Tory.

“This sh*t ain’t right, homie,” he said. “for real bro. and Tory Lanez a good n***a, bruh. If I had come out and done some sh*t and this sh*t f**king with my Christmas Eve, homie, cause everybody should be home… n****s ain’t finna talk about that, n*****s finna act like this sh*t ain’t even happen,” Kodak says.

“Now I wasn’t even in the courtroom, but at the same time, if there is some f**ked up sh*t going on, n*****s ain’t gonna want to say nothing because this whole politics bullsh*t, and then all this JAY-Z sh*t, homie. But bro I don’t like that sh*t man. Damn, y’all send a n***ga for Christmas…That sh*t is sad, bro. Tory Lanez, that man a good n****a, bro.”

Megan Thee Stallion JAY-Z IG
Megan Thee Stallion and JAY-Z/IG

Kodak also said that Tory would often stop and pray for him, and he thinks that if Tory did shoot Megan, he should be left up to God.

“That sh*t f**ked with me ’cause I’m a good n***a, we got a kindred spirit. Tory the type of n***ga homie, that man will stop and pray with you right quick on some sh*t…’ let me pray with you right quick’….or ‘this is on my heart to tell u bruh’, I’m a God-fearing n***g. if my boy, if my dog actually did that sh*t homie, you know God gon see it through to where he gets the justifiable punishment he deserves for that.”

Kodak also spoke out about violence against women and said he would never put his hands on a woman, but he, however, says he doesn’t like what happened in Tory’s case as Megan “lied” and they were “drunk and in whatever escapade transpired,” and she was caught in a “few lies.”

Although the court was presented with 47 pieces of evidence proving Megan was actually shot, including three witnesses testifying that they saw Tory shoot Megan, Kodak believes there was “no evidence” to convict Tory.

“So I ain’t saying, ‘Oh, free the n***a’ or ‘I don’t got no respect for women’s’ rights’ or no crazy sh*t, but … whatever escapade transpired, them people was drunk. And when people talking like they done caught this female in a few lies and sh*t. They done caught this woman in a few lies. Okay, so that sh*t shouldn’t be admissible in court, homie!”

He added, “How the f**k you find a n****a guilty for a shooting a b*tch when there ain’t no evidence behind it?! Y’all talking about b*tch had gun residue on film and another person. And ain’t nobody came through and say, ‘Oh yeah, he did that sh*t.’ That sh*t don’t sit well with me, homie.”

Joining claims by Tory Lanez’s father that Roc Nation was behind Tory going to jail, Kodak lashed out at Megan for cooperating with police so Tory is charged and also lashed out at Jay-Z, who has had nothing to do with the case although Megan is managed by Roc Nation.

“Who advised that sh*t to be right before Christmas? And JAY-Z standing behind that sh*t? You a f**k n***a, homie,” he said. “And Megan, you supposed to be from the streets. Even if it was a damn gunshot, what the f**k?”

“I know a b*tch who got shot in the toe too; you don’t see her trying to send n*****s to jail about it … you done took a n***a from their family. And after that, they about to get deported, bro.”

He continued, “You don’t want to seem like no liar. Or Roc Nation and JAY-Z don’t want to feel like, ‘Oh, we investing money in this b*tch and then they caught her lying.’ Oh, what that mean? Is Roc Nation a lie? Or some crazy sh*t like that. That sh*t crazy, bro.”

Kodak Black’s remarks might be surprising for many, but not Megan, who testified in court how powerful men in hip hop had made her out to be the one on trial instead of the victim due to the false narratives created by Tory.