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Fivio Foreign Responds To Girlfriend After Asian Doll Shared Video Of Them Dancing

Fivio Foreign Asian doll
Fivio Foreign | Asian doll

Fivio Foreign has been caught in 4K grabbing Asian Doll and dancing with her as she twerked on him in a TikTok video. Now his girlfriend is going off on him on Instagram.

It seems the Drill artists linked up over the holidays and had a good time with Asian Doll, who shared a video of them doing a raunchy dance with him grabbing her butt.

The video of the two was shared by Asian Doll on her Tik Tok account, showing them dancing to one of Ice Spice’s songs.

Fivio Foreign’s girlfriend Jasmine, however, put her man and Asian on blast on Wednesday afternoon after the video went viral. The woman went on Instagram live, where she shared that Fivio was hiding her and she wanted the world to know he was with her.

“Home with me. You want to play these games with me, we could play. Home here but posted up with Asian Doll. You real cute, you pushed me here b*tch,” the woman, identified as Jasmine, snaps at Fivio.

“This ain’t no exposing sh*T but we together but he’s been hiding that we together. For the b***ches who didn’t know. Asian Doll we together… He’s right here sick from partying 4040 with Asian Doll,” the woman said as she pawned the video to show Fivio laying in bed and questioned why his photographer was posting photos and sharing emojis of Fivio and Asian.

Fivio also told her that she was on some “weird sh*t.”

“I’m doing weird sh*t? I’m doing weird sh*t but going to my crib and dubbing on Asian Doll is weirder. You don’t like this sh*t, right? And I don’t like the sh*t you doing either, you embarrassing me on Instagram what you mean. Now everybody know we together. Somebody sent me that video. I don’t follow Asian Doll. You moving around, acting like you’re single and you’re not. That’s your problem, you’re not single, and everyone will know that today,” the woman said.

Fivio also says he feels sick, but the woman says, “Yeah, he’s sick now cause when n***gas get caught up, they’re sick now.”

In the meantime, Fivio also shared a response to his girlfriend. “A n***a can’t dance w. His friend.. this world demonic smh,” the New York rapper said.

Asian Doll also had a cheeky reply for a jealous Jasmine. “In the party I just wanna rump big boobs & the butt stay plumed,” she posted on Twitter with smiling emojis.