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Megan Thee Stallion Ex-stylist EJ Testified, Cops Search For Missing Bodyguard

Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion

The defense in the Tory Lanez felony shooting trial on Monday afternoon called Megan Thee Stallion’s stylist EJ King to testify about the demeanor of Megan and Kelsey on the night of the shooting.

The defense called EJ to establish that Megan was angry and there were tensions the night they were at Kylie Jenner’s party. The line of questioning by Tory Lanez’s lawyer George Mgdesyan established that though EJ was not there when the shooting occurred, he was at the Kylie Jenner party, and the events that took place are important in Tory’s defense which is that he is not the shooter.

While on the stand, EJ recalled Megan Thee Stallion drinking and becoming boisterous, making a shady remark about Kylie and her refusal to not leave the party despite having too much to drink.

King was also asked whether Megan and Kelsey carried weapons. This line of questioning sought to elicit information as to whether Kelsey had carried a gun the night of the shooting.

“We’d have tasers, mace,” EJ answered when asked how the three protected themselves when not with security. Mgdesyan posed the question of whether the trio carried guns, but EJ, who said he packed Megan’s bag the night, answered, “Not that I recall.”

Mgdesyan also asked if they have ever carried a firearm – “Possibly… but it’s not my business,” EJ answered.

EJ also recalled Corey Gamble telling them to leave around 8 or 9 pm before Megan invited Tory. As they had conversations, he also recalled Kelsey saying to Kylie Jenner, “You’re fun, you’re a vibe,” while Megan chimed in, “I’m really glad because I thought you were lame.”

In the meantime, when cross-examined, DDA Alexander Bott sought to clarify that Kelsey was not a dangerous person when drunk.

“Kelsey is just a little Tazmanian devil,” King described Kelsey when asked about her demeanor after having drinks. “But she has a lot of bark, so she can cuss you out,” he said before adding that he had never seen it escalate.

In the meantime, the defense also sought to establish that Megan might have been too drunk to know who shot her.

“I think you said Megan’s a different person when she’s drunk?” Tory’s lawyer asked.

“Yes, when she’s past the faded point,” EJ said.

“Was she past the faded point that day?” the lawyer continued.

“Yes,” EJ answered.

In the meantime, the trial continues on Wednesday with the District Attorney’s office and the Los Angeles Police Department actively looking for Megan’s former bodyguard, Justin Edison. Edison’s testimony is crucial to the trial as he was the one Kelsey texted on the night of the shooting- “help, Tory shot Meg. 911”.

In the meantime, Roc Nation’s Alex Spiro, who is also representing Megan Thee Stallion, told TMZ that the bodyguard is critical to the case. The attorney suggested that his absence could be a sign of witness intimidation.

Edison has not been located up to Tuesday afternoon, and a missing person’s report has not been filed for him.