Kanye West Says He Is In Love With Life After Losing All His Money: ‘I’m Far Happier’

Kanye West
Kanye West / Drink Champs

Kanye West says he is a much happier man and is in love with life after losing all of his money.

Very few media outlets want to give Kanye West interviews these days because of his unpredictability, but there are still a few people who perhaps want to capitalize on his ability to go viral and will give him a seat, a camera, and a microphone for him to let loose. In his latest interview, Ye doubles down on his recent Hitler comment and seems to be defiant about picking a fight with the Jewish community.

Kanye West was asked if Jews helped him get rich, and his response appears to be yes, but then questioned where is all the money now. “Where is that money today,” he said. “Soon as I didn’t play by what they wanted to use my black voice for they froze everything in front of everyone. They took the IP, they smear me everyday, and I feel freer because of it. Am far happier and you know am just in love with life.”

Kanye West was recently kicked off Twitter after sharing a not-so-nice photo of an out of shaped Elon Musk before questioning if there is free speech on the platform. He also used his Twitter account to make wild claims that he caught Kim Kardashian with NBA player Chris Paul. Kim has since refuted the claim calling it a deliberate distraction from the mounting scrutiny Ye came under for his comments.

Where Ye goes from here is still uncertain, but he is adamant about running for president in 2024 despite the odds stacked against him. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper is also losing his friend’s support, including his close label associate Pusha T, who called his recent comments troubling.

Can Kanye West recover from the worst year of his career?