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Meek Mill Supports YNW Melly After Detailing Mistreating In Prison

YNW Melly
YNW Melly

Meek Mill shows YNW Melly support after the incarcerated rapper shared a lengthy message detailing his prison treatment

YNW Melly is calling attention to his condition in jail as he alleges that he is being mistreated and alleges that prison officials are abusing their authority. In a lengthy post on Instagram on Saturday, Melly lamented that his phone privileges have been revoked indefinitely, and it has been months since he has spoken to family or seen them.

“In the picture taken over a year ago 1 am smiling, but as I speak to you from My cell at this very momment I am weeping in the present. I have been mute For years about the mistreatment, discriminition and misuse of authority mentally& emotionally abuse, have been suffering,” Melly began on Instagram.

YNW Melly explained that in April, he was told that his phone access would be restricted. The Florida rapper admits that he used another inmate’s pin to talk on the phone and was told that his privileges would be taken away for 30 days.

However, Melly claims that it is now eight months since, and he is not allowed to make calls or see family members. “It is now going for 8 months. no other inmate in this jail is being treated this way,” the artist wrote.

Melly said that he wanted to be able to call his mother on Christmas day, which is also his mother’s birthday. The artist also tagged several individuals, including Meek Mill, Kim Kardashian, and United States president Joe Biden.

Authorities have not responded to Melly’s claims, but Meek Mill shared a message calling for the artist to be freed.

“They treat us like slaves when they got us all alone… FREE MELLY! They destroy your whole mentality before you even considered as guilty!!!” he wrote on Twitter.

Melly is charged with co-accused YNW Bortlen for the murder of two of their friends. Police allege that Melly and his friend killed their friends and staged it as a drive-by shooting.

The artist’s trial began months ago with jury selection. A date for the trial has not been set yet.