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Latto 130 Unreleased Songs Leaked, Bia and Coi Leray Responds


Latto doesn’t seem bothered that between 70-130 unreleased tracks were leaked on Monday in what some fans think is an escalation of her beef with Nicki Minaj and a move to sabotage her.

On Monday night, many of Nicki Minaj’s fans trolled Latto after the songs were shared online. Some of Latto’s fans also tried to spin the narrative that Latto may be a ghostwriter for Bia and Coi Leray after several tracks of Latto singing verses on their songs was also released.

After the tracks were leaked, Latto posted several photos from her Sunday appearance at the AMAs, where she was nominated for New Artist of the Year, which was later won by Dove Cameron. “Trending,” she tweeted along with a kiss emoji. She also shared other tweets but did not acknowledge the leak writing in one tweet, “I felt sooo pretty last night & had sooo much fun I can’t believe this is my life!!!”

There are two tracks that Twitter users have zoomed in on, with many claiming that Latto may have written the tracks- a verse for Bia’s “While Lotta Money” and Coi Leray and “Blick Blick,” which both feature the Queen of Rap. Latto fans on Tuesday cornered Bia with questions and statements that Latto was one of her ghostwriters.

“So you wrote it for Latto then took it back? You need to clarify because this means nothing. You probably added a few bars but you still didn’t write it, girl,” one person tweeted at Bia.

Bia, however, denied that Latto wrote her song as she shared a screenshot of the writing credits that featured London Jae, Bianca Landrau, Rodrick Doss Jr., and Tee Romano.

“Writing credits…u know u can check those? now stop playin,” Bia wrote with laughing emojis.

In a now-deleted tweet, she wrote, “No London jae wrote the hook, I wrote the pre and verse it’s not rocket science,” she had responded to a fan who asked about Latto writing “Whole Lotta Money.”

Despite previously co-signing Nicki Minaj’s statements trashing younger rappers for using writers and having inferior penmanship, Bia, however, conceded that she wasn’t against using writers to aid her raps.

“But Ntm on this bc I really don’t care who writes and who doesn’t. I only care about making the best song I can make,” she tweeted.

Fans also brought up a live video by Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray, where they spoke about writing the lyrics for “Blick Blick,” which was released earlier this year. “Both of them sat up in y’all faces lying because I’m sure they both heard Latto reference track lmaooo,” one person tweeted.

“bruh they talking about a song that apparently latto wrote,” another person said.

In the meantime, Latto appears unbothered by the entire fiasco, and she has chosen not to address the leak. On Twitter, Barbs also reacted to the leak, with many making unsubstantiated claims that Nicki Minaj and her fan base were responsible.

“Why can’t you come out and tell everyone that Nicki is sabotaging you. Stop being a p*ssy @Latto,” one of her fans wrote on Twitter.

“Whoever got into latto music that’s some real hating ass sh*t fr,” another said.

In the meantime, Minaj fans were also not having any blame fall on the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper. “Um babe took inspiration from COI part is not the same as “Latto wrote Nicki’s verse”. Now show me where Latto wrote for Nicki,” one asked.

“What I got out of this LATTO leak that she’s been everyone’s ghost writer this whole time,” another person wrote.

Still, Latto continues to get support from her fan base, and she has much to celebrate with two GRAMMY nominations for Best New Artist and Best Melodic Rap Performance for the live performance of her hit single, “Big Energy,” despite losing out on her first AMAs nomination over the weekend.