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Summer Walker’s Baby Daddy Larry responds To Split Announcement

Summer Walker Larry
Summer Walker and Larry / @summerwalker

Summer Walker’s baby daddy has responded to her announcing their split.

Summer Walker has confirmed that she and her unborn baby’s father, Larry, aka LVRD Pharoh, have split. The R&B singer on Nov. 6 shared images from her baby shower, but fans were curious after Larry was not seen in any of the photos. Summer recently shared photos featuring her daughter, whom she calls by the nickname ‘Bubbles’ as well as photos of family and friends who are also pregnant but none with Larry. On Sunday, the singer explained to fans who questioned her relationship status that she was no longer with Larry, although they have a good co-parenting relationship.

According to her, she stepped away to protect her peace and happiness.

“People been trying to be in my business bad lately, idky why y’all need updates on my life lol like go touch grass but I’ve decided to be single, it’s no hard feelings, Larry is an amazing father there’s just certain things I won’t tolerate,” she wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram Story.

Summer Walker shares Bubbles, who was born in March 2021, with producer London On Da Track. Her relationship with the hitmaker has been more than acrimonious, as she has accused him several times of being an awful father and deserting her during her pregnancy.

Summer and Larry were also longtime friends, and they began dating after she broke up with London. Earlier this year, the “4th Baby Mama” artist praised Larry for stepping up as a father for her daughter Bubbles and even referred to him as ‘Papa’ on a cake.

In her post on Sunday, Walker wrote that Larry has continued to be a good father to her daughter by being present for every photo shoots, doctor appointments, and baby-related events.

She added, “no I ain’t removing my face Tatt I still have hella love for him,” she said about the forehead tattoo she did months ago.

Walker also addressed critics, saying that she has seen women maintain a façade of a happy relationship to save face in society when they weren’t happy. While she didn’t name any names, she pointed out celebrity women in long term relationships and marriages who aren’t happy but fake it for the media.

“Every month they complaining bout how they getting cheated on, beat on, children being had on them, they lonely etc,” Summer Walker wrote. “But they rather stay for the IMAGE just to say they have a man or a ring or just to keep receiving apology birkins & cars.”

Walker makes it clear that the only difference between those women and herself is that she prefer her peace and happiness and as such she would prefer to walk away from the relationship.

Meanwhile, Larry also confirmed on Nov. 11 that he and Walker were no longer together and warned that while she is pregnant with his child, he will not allow another male to “slide.”

“We not together but y’all n***as better wait until after the pregnancy before y’all start sliding. I’ll still off one of y’all about her on my soul,” he wrote on Instagram Story.