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GloRilla Opens Up About Abortion and The Moment “F.N.F” Blew Up


GloRilla is getting vulnerable as she discusses her rising fame and her debut EP, ‘Anyways… Life’s Great’ and all of the things that have taken her to this point in her life and career.

The 23-year-old rapper seemingly blew up overnight with her song “F.N.F (Let’s Go),” which led to a half-a-million dollar deal with Yo Gotti and instant overnight fame as she landed a collaboration with Cardi B on the “Tomorrow 2” remix.

GloRilla debut EP features her Cardi B collab along with seven other new tracks. While on The Angie Martinez Show on Friday, GloRilla talks about how “F.N.F” blew up while she was in a cleanse due to several things happening in her life, including a breakup and her decision to have an abortion.

“We was going through something like we can’t go into 2022 the same way we was last year, you know it was, just had a lot going on…we had to get our life together, we was like ‘we can’t keep living like this’ we was like ok we gon go on a cleanse, we aint gon talk to no dudes cause I felt like that was a distraction, no partying, going out you know like saving money and exercising,” she said adding that she and her friend decided to do a social media cleanse from March to May.

“I had just really got out of a breakup and I already said this in the preview of my song…I had just had an abortion and so I’m like you know I gotta cleanse cause I didn’t feel the same after that. I had mental changes so I’m like no more dudes, we gon just cleanse…I was really really going through something,” she explains.

The rapper added that she made up her mind to make a change by changing the way she normally operated.

“I most definitely feel it would work if you cut off what you know is holding you back, no matter how much you like it, you gotta cut it off and focus on yourself, something gon change,” she says about the 60-day cleanse which saw her song blowing up on a bigger scale that led to her label deal.

The rapper, whose real name is Gloria Hallelujah Woods, also said shared that her cousin introduced her to music in 2018, and she later released a music video after realizing that she loved music and was good at it. She also spoke about signing to CMG Records and Yo Gotti after exploring several label deals.

According to her, she had gone to a meeting with Gotti a day after “F.N.F” was released and, within hours, had decided to sign to the label.

“Everything was just happening so fast,” she says. “He’s super involved in my career. That’s one thing that I respect about him like he really in tuned with what I got going on like he prolly work harder than than I do. The CMG team, the Interscope team they all work so hard and they be working the hell out of me too but it’s like they work really hard too,” Glo said.

The rapper also shared that she “prayed for times like these,” and described her experience being signed as an artist as “so lit.”

In the meantime, the Memphis native says that she is also simultaneously working on an album for release next year, and she is also planning to go on tour for her EP.

As for Ms. Gloria’s future goals, she says she’d like to be a billionaire rapper so that “everybody that I love will be straight, never have to worry about anything again.”