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Safaree Apologize To Lyrica Anderson, Admits He Lied About Relationship On LHH

Safaree Lyrica
Safaree, Lyrica Anderson

Safaree Samuels issued public apology to his former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood castmate Lyrica Anderson after admitting he and A1 lied about the much rumored intimate relationship.

Lyrica Anderson is not amused at Safaree propagating a rumor that he slept with her, and that resulted in her then-husband Sprng BRK, formerly known as A1 Bentley, almost putting his hands on him. On Thursday afternoon, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta member shared that he had concocted the rumor that he slept with the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member along with A1 and played along for a fake storyline.

A snippet of a scene from the upcoming “Where Are They Now” special edition was shared on social media on Thursday afternoon, where Ray J reveals that he learned that Safaree said he slept with Lyrica.

“Hey man, do you really think I would do that?” Safaree asks. “Did you do that,” A1 responds. as the air gets tense while Lyrica begins to shout, “what the f**k’s going on.”

In the snippet, Lyrica shares that the lie affected her and her then-marriage with her ex-husband Sprng BRK formally known as A1 Bentley.

However, Safaree revealed on Twitter that it was all a lie for a fake storyline for the show.

“I just want to make it clear that Lyrica and I have never even come close to messing around,” Safaree wrote on Twitter. “Lowkey, me and A1 made the whole thing up. We are on TV. We had a job to do, and we did it. That’s my brother & sister right der. It’s TV tho duh.”

In another tweet, he added, “It wasn’t was supposed to go as far as it did so just wanna say sorry to you @lyricaanderson because I didn’t know it bothered you. I’m not gonna lie tho that was the most fun I ever had filming tho Me & A1 use to be crying love y’all.”

Meanwhile, Lyrica has responded to Safaree in a comment. The reality star said that even though it was a joke to Safaree and her ex, it was a humiliating lie told on her.

Lyrica also hinted that the accusation may have added to similar ones launched against her, and it was “very hurtful to hear and live through for years. Now Safaree has apologized to me privately, and I’m happy that he’s now done it publicly. I am in a positive place in my life and have no room for negativity. Hopefully, now we can put this situation to rest. Blessings.”

Safaree’s little fiasco has caused several other cast members, including Lyrica’s mother, Lyrica Garrett, who calls him out for not having integrity and stooping so low for “a check.”

Still, Safaree is blaming Ray J for making the issue prolonged further than it should’ve. “Y’all put “falsely stating” I would neverrrrr lie about being with a woman. that’s high school,” Safaree said. “The way they edit the show and @rayj great acting is what sold it more than anything else. I blame ray.”