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Fat Joe Shared Friends Questioned His Defense Of Ashanti & Wisdom He Gave Kanye West

Fat Joe
Fat Joe

Fat Joe says his actions in defending Ashanti brought rude questions, including the speculation that he was only speaking up for the “Happy” singer because he was sleeping with her.

While on the Red Table Talk show with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Fat Joe shared his advice to Kanye and explained the rude question he was asked after defending Ashanti from nasty comments by Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti.

While speaking with Jada, Willow Smith and Adrienne, Fat Joe says he was shocked by Kanye’s statements. As fate would have it, he recently ran into the artist to whom he imparted words of grace and wisdom.

“I was up a whole night going over what he said, and I was just like, ‘Damn. Man, he really did it this time…So I was just thinking about it and how he hurt people with his statements and his comments. He really said some terrible things. And this morning, on the way here, I came out [of] my hotel. The door opened, and it was Kanye West by himself,” he said.

The last month has been devastating for Kanye West, who started with a controversial White Lives Matter t-shirt in Paris and then a prolonged beef with several companies and figures like Gap and Adidas, and others. His undoing began after he muttered antisemitic remarks while bashing persons of Jewish descent, leading to the loss of many of his business deals, including his billion deal with Adidas. The rapper also lost his billionaire status and has since apologized for his comments.

The Bronx rapper said he advised Kanye to lean on God and stop what he was doing.

“Sit down, talk to God…I said, ‘Listen, Ye, there’s people that love you.’ I told him just like this. I grabbed his shoulder. I said, ‘Well, God is telling me to tell you this,’ and I just told him, ‘Bro, you gotta snap out of this, man. You gotta get focused and look to God ’cause God is the answer. God is the key. Whatever you gotta do.'”

“He just gotta make it right with himself, make it right with everybody he offended and he hurt and just live whatever life we have left in peace,” Joe added.

Joe added, “That’s all we can pray for, that he finds that, and the only person who got that answer for Kanye right now is God… So my thing is, you preaching at church, you around holy people, you around people who know way better than me. What I’m telling you is, look to God. ‘Cause he’s the only person that can straighten this out.”

In the meantime, Fat Joe also spoke about his relationship with Ashanti, who has been in the news a lot mainly due to the rants of Irv Gotti, which were coincidentally timed around the release of his Murder Inc. documentary earlier this year.

Ashanti Fat Joe
Ashanti and Fat Joe

Fat Joe was one of the only persons to publicly support her and call out Irv, who asked him to stop speaking about the lady and move on with his life. Fat Joe, who said he shares a close relationship with Irv, was also an artist at Murder Inc, but he maintains a close relationship with Ashanti, whom he calls his ‘sister.’

However, his defense of her was called into question by someone close to him.

“I’m the brother that looks out for the sisters. Somebody had asked me, ‘Yo, why’d you jump out and defend Ashanti like that?'” he said.

“But listen, this guy who’s a friend of mine, he said, ‘Yo, you [f**ked] Ashanti?’ Now, I’m sitting here, like, flabbergasted,” Joe says. “Like, this was, like, you know, blasphemy or some sh*t. Right, ’cause she’s been my sister [for] 20-something years. And Irv, my brother, I’m not even gon lie to you. I love him. He came for me at a time in my life I’m not trying to disrespect Irv. I’m talking about the situation with somebody I considered one of my brothers who’s like, ‘Yo, you [bleep]?’ I was like, ‘Are you crazy? Like, that’s my sister.'”