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Rapper Baby Racks Addresses Gucci Mane Dropping Him From 1017

Baby Racks Gucci
Baby Racks and Gucci Mane

Baby Racks says he is still supporting his old label 1017 Records even though Gucci Mane dropped him a day after signing him.

There is one rapper who may be able to claim a first that not even Soulja Boy can take away. According to Gucci Mane, Baby Racks may have become the “first artist to get signed and dropped in a day.” That’s after the “I Get The Bag” rapper and record exec revealed that he dropped the artist from his 1017 label just a day after signing him.

The Trap God made the news public using Twitter on November 2. “Congratulations to @Babyracks1017 first artist to get signed and dropped in a day that dude is not signed to 1017,” he tweeted. The tweet has since been deleted.

It seems the rapper, who has been gaining some buzz in the hip-hop community, was cut from the label after he criticized the city of Houston, Texas, where Takeoff was tragically shot and killed earlier this week. It doesn’t seem like Baby Racks was too perturbed by the development either, as he fired back a short while after using Twitter as well.

Then he went into business mode and went to some other rappers who he knows have all had issues with Gucci in the past. As the old adage goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In the same Tweet, the Atlanta rapper threw out his free agent status to Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and NBA YoungBoy.

Speaking with Saycheese, Baby Racks addressed the tweet he made about Houston saying emotions were high and he was angry after learning about the shooting death of Takeoff. Racks says he was on a cruise with his family in the Bahamas when he saw the tweet Gucci Mane sent out telling the world that he was dropped from the label.

“Emotions were high up that day, I was very mad,” the rapper said. “Am not talking about the Gucci [tweet], am talking about videos of a person that I like a person that I listen to literally every day, a person that was very close to me. I didn’t know Takeoff personally, but I definitely felt some type of way, but I always have love for Houston.”

Baby Racks says he will always do a show in Houston with high security.

From all appearances, Baby Racks has a future in the game, as before being given the boot, he was able to secure a collaboration with Gucci Mane. They dropped “Look Ma I Did It” back in September. A track that did well and has already amassed over one million views on YouTube.

From the comments under that video, he seems to already have a loyal following.

“Anybody that doesn’t know baby racks he’s been grinding and putting his stuff out for the longest time now and to see him finally make it especially with Gucci is awesome to see,” one fan said while another added, “He really did it, i remember seeing bru under eveybody twitter posts promoting his music, it finally paid off.”

It’s no secret that Gucci doesn’t play with his role as a music executive at his 1017 Records label. He’s proven before that he will do whatever it takes to maintain a superior standard at the label, even if that means dropping acts that are hot at the moment.

A good example of that was back in 2010 when the label was known as 1017 Brick Squad and Gucci dropped popular rapper at the time, Waka Flocka Flame, after they didn’t see eye to eye.