Patrice Roberts Chided Burna Boy For Delaying Her Performance At WCMF

Patrice Roberts and Burna Boy

Patrice Roberts shared her displeasure at promoters of the World Creole Music Festival in Dominica on the weekend after Burna Boy impinged her stage time.

According to festivalgoers, there was a last-minute switch with Burna Boy not performing on the day he was advertised to perform and ended up having Patrice wait before she could deliver to fans. The feisty Soca Queen, who recently featured on Nicki Minaj’s “Fine 9” remix, made it known that she was not for the disrespect as she appeared to shade Burna Boy’s lackluster performance.

According to Tik Tok users, the soca artist was booked to perform around midnight on Sunday, while Burna Boy was slated to go last on the program. Patrice, who appeared on time for her set, which also had her band ready to go, was then shifted to perform last in Burna Boy’s place while he took over her slot.

The artist reportedly took the stage after 4 am, about five hours after the time she had initially agreed to perform, and did not hold back as she addressed fans once she got on stage.

“I supposed to perform for you long time ago, but you know what, they pay $3 million to somebody who ain’t mash up the crowd like me,” Patrice told fans.

The artist added, “next time give me the three million dollars,” Patrice said as she jumped into her hit track “Mind My Business,” which drove festivalgoers into a frenzy. Patrice also spoke about Caribbean festivals hiring international acts as she encouraged promoters to choose to support local Caribbean talent over international acts.

The artist, who had to keep her performance short and ended just after 5 am, also thanked fans for staying for her performance, noting that “this means that you all are true fans,” as she pointed out that some folks had left early as they got tired of waiting.

Burna Boy nor the promoters have responded to Patrice. However, the Afrobeats artist came under fire after he arrived late in Dominica and missed the original date for his performance.