Ding Dong Teaches Cedric The Entertainer The “Bounce” Dance

Cedric The Entertainer, Ding Dong

Cedric The Entertainer is ready to become ‘Cedi Ravers’ as he shows off his dance moves to dancehall artist Ding Dong’s song “Bounce.”

The comedian is presently on the island for Outburst Comedy Show at the National Cultural Center in Kingston on Saturday night. On Saturday, he made an appearance on Fyah 105 FM, where his dance skills were put to the test by DJ Bambino.

The comedian was invited to do the “Bounce” dance with TV personality Jade where he shows that if nothing else, he has the hips movement down pat. The comedian tried his best to keep up with Jade and Bambino, who showed him the ropes.

In his interview, the comedian was told that he would need to adopt a dancing name similar to his comedic moniker- ‘Cedric The Entertainer.’ It was suggested that he would be renamed ‘Cedi-Ravers.’

“Oh I like that one,” Cedric said.

In the meantime, Ding Dong reacted to the videos of the American enjoying his latest song. “Leggo @cedtheentertainer aka #CEDIRAVERS Welforward to my beautiful island ‘BOUNCE’,” Ding Dong wrote.

Among those who reacted to the post were his fans and Jamaicans who welcomed him to the island.

“YOU GOTTA ADD THIS TO YOUR DANCE RETAIN ON YOUR NEXT SPECIAL… YALL KNOW CED BE GIGGIN!!” one fan wrote in the comments section on his page.

“Get it Ceddy dem not ready for you,” another wrote. “Get it Cediravers!!!!!” another wrote. “Man have di vibe eno bro gad,” another fan wrote.

Meanwhile, it seems that Cedric has not only acculturated himself with Jamaica’s vibrant music and dancing culture, but he has also been learning the island’s distinct dialect, Patois. In a post on Instagram, he urged fans to come out to the show in Patois.

“Don’t be the one dem say missed it!”