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Kanye West Says Jay-Z Was Peacemaker In Drake and Diddy Fight

Jay-Z / YouTube

Kanye West credited Jay-Z as the peacemaker who stopped Diddy and Drake from brawling at a fashion show.

Ye has been trending for a number of reasons lately, and most of them have been embroiled in controversy. However, his name began trending again for an interesting anecdote he shared in one of his recent interviews. The Chicago native recently claimed that Jay-Z once broke up a fight between two of the biggest moguls in the rap game, Drake and Diddy. He made the claims during an interview yesterday, October 24, on the Lex Fridman Podcast.

According to the “Gold Digger” rapper, the heated exchange happened at his Yeezy Season 1 fashion show in New York City in February 2015. Kanye West says that if Jay-Z wasn’t there, the situation would have ended badly.

“You had Puff Daddy. At that time, Puff Daddy had beef with Drake. Drake still came to the show and Jay-Z had to break up the fight backstage,” he casually divulged. However, he did not offer up any more info about the alleged fight.

While the incident may have been kept secret over the years, it’s no secret that Drake and Diddy seemingly had a beef. Their spat began in 2014 when the OVO boss and Diddy reportedly got into a physical altercation at DJ Khaled’s birthday party in Miami.

Drake, Justin Combs, and Diddy in Miami

The “God’s Plan” rapper reportedly visited the hospital after he suffered an injured shoulder. The dispute between the two moguls is believed to have started over the song “0 to 100 / The Catch Up.”

It’s been reported that producer, Boi-1da, had given the beat for the track to both Drake and Diddy months earlier. Drake showed more interest in making the track, but apparently, the Bad Boy Records boss was just sitting on the beat.

Out of frustration, Drake eventually recorded the track, and as we know now, it did extremely well. That pissed off the New York native and started a chain of back-and-forths between the pair.

Things allegedly boiled over at Khaled’s birthday party, and Diddy confronted Drake and warned him about his disrespect before allegedly punching him. They made peace a little while after that incident via a phone call in May 2015.

In the aftermath, Diddy denied ever punching Drake and described Drizzy as his favorite rapper as far as songwriting and albums. Puff also opened up more about what happened on The Breakfast Club later that year, and he said it was just a misunderstanding because they were working with the same producers.

Before Kanye West shared the snippet of the altercation, he took a trip down memory lane describing the fashion show.

“This fashion show was so popular that Justin Bieber had to sit in the second row. This thing had every name you could think of — it had Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, it was Kylie’s first fashion show … You had JAY-Z in the audience, Rihanna in the audience, Beyonce in the audience, sitting next to Anna Wintour,” he shared.

Kanye West is also experiencing some major fallout after Adidas ended their partnership with Yeezy.