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Justin Bieber End Kanye West Friendship Over Wife Nose Job Claim

Kanye West and Justin Bieber (from left) Instagram

Justin Bieber feels Kanye West went too far attacking his wife, so he is ending their friendship.

Kanye West’s disrespectful posts targeting Hailey Bieber continued on Thursday, with the rapper now involving his former nemesis, Drake, and telling him to come to get his girl while also saying that the supermodel had a nose job.

In a post shared on Instagram, Kanye screenshotted a news headline from 2016 which suggested that Drake and Hailey were dating. Hailey has been married to Justin Bieber since 2018. The Canadian singer and Kanye West have been friends for years, but seems this time the rapper went too far. TMZ reported that Bieber felt like the nose job comments was the last straw.

Kanye captioned the post, “get your girl before I get mad You spose to be my friend right,” he said, adding, “You wasn’t there when the Kardashians kidnapped my kids.”

In another post, he appeared to share the rationale for his behavior in the past few days.

“Rule with Ye, stay out of it unless you want to get into it…cause y’all was out of it when Chi was kidnapped for her birthday,” he wrote in a note posted to his Instagram feed.

Kanye’s tirade against Hailey comes days after she supported and defended Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson after she was attacked online and fat-shamed by Kanye West after she aired her disagreement about his White Lives Matter t-shirt.


Hailey had written a response to Kanye’s comments about Gabriella. “You wish u had a percentage of her intellect,” she wrote while calling Kanye a bully.

Kanye West had taken exception to Hailey’s friend Gigi who separately corroborated comments by fellow designer Tremaine Emory who alleged that Kanye treated Virgil Abloh horribly while he was alive and even after his death. The designer had told Kanye to keep Abloh’s name out of his mouth. Kanye has portrayed himself as a close friend of the late Louis Vuitton Creative Director, but even Gigi admitted that many knew Kanye was creating a facade.

Kanye also added another post directed at Gigi. “Im not finna get ran over by Hollywood again. Gigi you a privileged Karen,” he began.

Just a day before, Kanye West had shared that he was pleased that Drake had liked one of his posts. It seems that the like on Instagram gave Ye the validation he was looking for.

The two rappers had a pretty tense relationship up to December 2021 when they squashed their beef and performed together for a Larry Hoover Benefit Concert. Despite the show of peace, Drake and Kanye have not been seen out or together at all since then.

On the other hand, Kanye’s underhanded way of mentioning Drake alongside Hailey appears to be a dig at her husband Justin Bieber.

Earlier this week, the “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” became upset at Hailey but in true misogynistic fashion, appeared to direct his anger at her husband instead.

“Wait Am I canceled again??? Justin please let me know,” he said in a caption of a news headline highlighting Hailey and Gigi’s comments about him.