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Freddie Gibbs Baby Mother Responds To Him Calling Her A Rat On New Album

Freddie Gibbs
Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs’ baby mother, Raven is reacting to the rapper dissing her in his latest album and calling her a “rat.”

In a series of Twitter posts, Raven Tatum, who in the past accused him of allegedly sending goons to kill her and their son, called out the rapper for involving her in his album. In his song “Grandma’s Stove,” he speaks about his relationship with Raven.

“I never knew sh*t would lead us to child support subpoenas, Rap deadbeat daddy, that’s how they try to paint me, And that’s a shame ’cause those that know me know I love my babies, Raven was a rat, she scratched the Benzy and I dropped the charges, That ho know she’d never had my heart, so she attacked my pockets, Gotta watch how you rockin’ with these groupies, this sh** get retarded, If it wasn’t me, it’d be an athlete or another artist,” Gibbs raps.

Freddie Gibbs previously accused Raven of keying his card in 2019, and he was successful in being granted a restraining order against her.

On Twitter, Raven admitted that she damaged the rapper’s car, but she had a good reason for doing so.

“I don’t like addressing BD drama. but since Fred decided to call me by name on his album, let’s dispel some rumors: i sure did key his car. and i’ll do it again. he refused to watch our son and i got fired from UCLA because I had no babysitter. f*** my job? F*** your car,” a tweet read.

In follow-up tweets about the car, she wrote, “TBH the car was light work. he was in europe with one of his many flunky girlfriends when i got fired.”

She admitted that she wanted to beat up Freddie Gibbs but he wasn’t in the country.

Another tweet said, “I’m real tired of buddy spinning the story like i tore up that car over a woman. no, i tore up that car cuz he manipulated me into moving to Los Angeles, taking him off child support, got me f***ing fired, and locked me and his son in a house with no groceries. that’s the truth.”


She also explained the nature of her and Freddie’s relationship and shared that his girlfriend asked her to abort their baby, a boy.

“We weren’t in love. I never wanted to be in a relationship with him. He was engaged I was separated. i got pregnant. Erica offered to pay me to abort and i told her to f*** off and go to hell. she found out and put him out of her house. tell the whole story fred.”

In another tweet she said that Freddie Gibbs lied about how much money he was making to the court to pay as little as possible in child support.

“He’s def a deadbeat. this ni*** lied and told the court he makes $1900/yr to keep himself paying as little as possible in child support. he barely sees his son and leaves him with JD while he goes on vacations with a porn star. that’s why i have full custody,” she said.

“Truly tired of being the scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in this n***a’s life. i’m over here chilling raising our son and i wake up to my govt name being called out on your album. u got a new BM and a new gf. talk about them hoes. leave me out of it. Please,” she added.

Raven also shared that she was married at the time she and Gibbs conceived her son. She later clarified that she was separated from her husband but waiting on the divorce to be final which took a year.