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Ari Fletcher Denies Moneybagg Yo Cheating, Reveals Recent Miscarriage

Ari fletcher
Ari Fletcher

Ari Fletcher has confirmed on her cooking show “Dinner With Don” that she was pregnant with her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo’s baby.

Fletcher spoke on several things, including the current status of her relationship with the CMG rapper and dealing with a miscarriage. Earlier this month, fans speculated that Fletcher was pregnant after Moneybagg Yo shared an image of a woman with what appears to be a pregnant stomach. The now-deleted image showed the woman wearing a large diamond ring that resembled the one that Ari has,

Ari Fletcher confirmed that she was pregnant, but they, unfortunately, lost the baby. “Yes. That was me in the picture, pregnant, holding my stomach like this — ‘Whoop!’ That was me.”

She continued. “And unfortunately, I had a miscarriage and God just you know – But yes I did, I was pregnant and I did have a miscarriage. That is that.”

Moneybagg Yo

Echoing a comment by her co-host, she added, “God said not right now. Probably in the future.” She also confirmed that she and Moneybagg are still together despite breaking up weeks ago.

“Happy, paid and single! Ready for everything new!” she had posted on Twitter days after she was spotted out with her beau at the launch of her make-up line.

“I did break up with that m*thaf*****, yes I did because he had me f**ked up.” Fletcher, however, denied the rumors about Moneybagg Yo flying another woman out to Colombia or that there was cheating involved. Back in August, her Lamborghini truck that was gifted to her by Moneybagg for her birthday last year was also repossessed, sparking assumptions that the rapper had taken back the vehicle after they broke up.

She, however, said the break-up had nothing to do with those things. “Wasn’t bout no cheating. It didn’t have nothing to do with anyone else, it was something solely between me and him.”

In recent weeks, Ari Fletcher has shared her lavish gifts and flowers, presumably from Moneybagg. It seems that all is well with the hip-hop couple for now.