Bounty Killer Respond Ricky Trooper’s Crude Comment About His Son & Merciless

Trooper Bounty
Ricky Trooper, Bounty Killer

Selector Ricky Trooper has a lot to say about Bounty Killer as he leveled several accusations against the dancehall legend and his son.

In a video released last week, the legendary sound system selector lashed out at Bounty Killer for being absent at late artist Merciless’ funeral held last week. Several voices in dancehall have criticized Bounty Killer and Beenie Man for attending the late artist’s funeral and showing unity in the music business.

However, the artist defended himself, stating that the funeral was a spectacle that he chose not to attend. Trooper has also been on the offense against Bounty Killer and members of his family as he made disgusting accusations about the gender of Bounty’s son.

In a video shared on Instagram on Wednesday, Trooper appeared upset at Bounty Killer’s recent interview in the Cayman Islands, where he spoke about being absent from the funeral. “Mi see the whole interview now enuh weh him do fi Hot 104.1 FM a Grand Cayman…and mi nah tell nuh lie star boi the man sound bitter,” he accused Bounty Killer.

Trooper also indicated that he wanted the smoke as he asked his followers to tag the Grung Gad. “The man really show seh, zeen, him hate the yute from long time. Him hate the man although the man deal with him and him deal wid the yute, him hate him same way.”

Trooper also chastised Bounty “fi have up” or hold malice against Merciless, who once delivered a lyrical onslaught at Sting almost 30 years ago.

The selector added that during his beef with Merciless, Killer not only badmouthed the late artist but also blackballed him and others he did not like.

As if the interview couldn’t get worse, Trooper also lashed out at Bounty’s son, whose sexuality he questioned, and also insinuated that the artist’s common law was also involved in a same-sex relationship and had left the artist because of Killer’s refusal to engage certain sex practices with his mouth.

In the meantime, Bounty Killer was ready for the smoke as he dragged Trooper online late on Wednesday night with various videos where Trooper appeared to bargain for a Europe booking.

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer IG statement

“Hear how di fa$$y willing and agreed to promote and wear all tshirt big Soul Seller for 4k€,” Bounty captioned a video of the DJ telling a woman he was willing to do anything if the price was right.

“Yo Di ting Get Sticky Some Selector Boy Too Licky Licky p**** say him play any wen fi anybody from money run nasty dutty germs bout my son a b***y show ur jacket pickney dem nuh,” he added.

Ricky Trooper has not responded to Bounty Killer.