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Cardi B Admits Court Case Cost Her Video Game Deal Worth Millions

Cardi B
Cardi B / via @iamcardib

Cardi B wants others to learn from her mistakes as she shared that she lost a multimillion-dollar deal because she was unable to take it up during the time her recent assault and battery case was going on.

Cardi B shared a moment of reflection on Tuesday afternoon as she noted that she has learned a valuable lesson because she had to turn down the offer due to her courthouse demands. “My stupid decisions from the past caused me to miss out on money now. I had a multi-million dollar Call of Duty deal on the table that I couldn’t take because of court,” she said.

She added, “Guys think twice about those quick decisions! Lesson learned.”

The incident that the rapper is speaking about is the recent 2018 Flushing bar case which saw her pleading guilty to third-degree assault and reckless endangerment. The charges stem from the beating of two strip club bartenders but despite the case going on since 2018, the rapper avoided jail time for the misdemeanors thanks to her clean criminal record.

The rapper was sentenced to 15 days of community service. According to prosecutors, Cardi B orchestrated the attack on the sisters, who are bartenders, because she suspected that her husband had allegedly cheated on her with one of the women.

According to the Queen’s District Attorney’s office, Cardi was at a club in College Point where the women worked and where Offset was performing with the Migos.

Video evidence caught Cardi on tape picking up an ice bucket and throwing it at two sisters. Certainly, this is not the first time Cardi B has admitted regretting her past choices. Back in 2019, an old video of the rapper surfaced in which she talked about drugging and robbing men, which led to her not denying but apologizing and explaining her past choices.

“I never claim to be perfect or come from a perfect world with a perfect past. I always speak my truth, I always own my s**t,” she wrote on Tuesday.

“I’m a part of a hip-hop culture where you can talk about where you come from, talk about the wrong things you had to do to get where you are,” the rapper said.

The Bronx rapper says she deliberately avoid putting things like glorifying crimes in her music because she isn’t proud to have experience that growing up.

Cardi B also previously admitted to drugging and robbing men in their hotel rooms and received some flock from fans for it. Despite the criticisms, the rapper has continued to make strides in her career as a mother and community-minded person. She recently made a hefty donation to her old high school to support the school’s extra-curricular program.